👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members)

@Stefan: I understood him as following: He asked whether there is actually an Angel in Australia who can help him.

@ThyBlogger: If you are seeking personal help, please specify in which region of Australia you are. If you are from Darwin, a helper from Melbourne won’t be beneficial for you.

So, heavens are usually not covering an entire country, but are regional and normally named after a city.

Currently, there are no heavens outside of Europe. Maybe you will have luck if you ask for help in our Australian topic, but again: Mention your region because Australia is big.


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We have grown to over 30 Fairphone Heavens all over Europe (see #communitymap)! :smiley: At the moment there are roughly 40 Fairphone Angels in 10 different countries. :angel:

PS.: Two new countries, btw, :denmark: and :switzerland:! :sunglasses:


Now I get why some people regard Austria as part of eastern Europe. Vienna is actually the most eastern FP heaven.


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Hi @Stefan,
Would you add me as a FP Angel for the Leipzig region? :angel:
Many thanks. :slight_smile:


Liebe @Juli_R, entschuldige, dass ich solange nicht geantwortet habe. War relativ beschäftigt in den letzten Tagen. :slight_smile: Ich werde das Aufnahmeverfahren sofort starten. :rocket: :slight_smile:


Hallo there,
how big is the angels community in and around Zürich?
I would like to support if further support is still needed but I run LineageOS, so I could not answer FP software related questions.


There is no limit of Angels in a Heaven. The more Angels there are, the less burden has each Angel.

So you can help with LineageOS-specific problems (or if someone wants to have a look onto Lineage OS).


So you can count me in :blush:


@Stefan : Hi there, I’ve tried to get in touch with the Munich Fairphone Angels but I keep getting a failed delivery notification on the munich@fairphone.community E-Mail. Is there any way to get in touch with them any other way?

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I can confirm. That e-mail address doesn’t work currently.

You can send @jayy or @JBap a PM.

I have counted and you are Fairphone Angel No. 49! :raised_hands: Who will be No. 50? :smiley:

@Ajdan Thank you for notifying me. Unfortunately we haven’t found a solution to this, but I hope @anon83519835 will find some time soon to fix the issue. :slight_smile:

Thanks, but I don’t think I have this option (yet)?

Now you can send PMs (I levelled you up).

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Hi all!

Just another quick report to Angels Community:
One of the FP1s we had in Basque Country is now in the hands of a basque FP1 owner that had problems with her old one.

She will wait for the FP3 to appear with this FP1.

By the way, once again, another “very interesting” woman highly involved in fostering Circular Economy in her city (Vitoria), and interesting links in our professional projects connected with Circular Economy “came” through our conversation in person this evening.

Moreover, we have identified an important industrial company decided to introduce Fairphone as their official smartphone for the workers in the company.

Step by step, we keep forward :wink:

Best regards to you all, and best wishes for the new year!

To be continued…



I use the Fairphone 2 for exactly three years now.
I live in cologne and i think i can provide help for repairing, solving software problems (flashing, updating etc.).



Adding you right now. :slight_smile:

You are fast :smirk: