Discourse Sidebar can now be customized

The latest update of Discourse has a neat feature, the sidebar can be customized.

As a suggestion, we could make the forum more user-friendly. It’s obviously already working fine, just proposing a possible improvement. In the sidebar is a default “community” section. In this section you can add your own menu items, which could point to forum topics or external links. Just my 2 cents proposal for the community section:

I also manage my own Discourse forum, there you can see something similar:

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The admins and moderators tested the new sidebar options in our sandbox environment. Alas, nobody liked the new look & feel so we decided to stick with the Legacy sidebar.


Thanks for testing and considering it! I was looking forward to the sidebar. Once you get used to it, it really becomes a productivity booster and it can be customized to great extend, also by the users themselves. Maybe something for another time.

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