Fairphone Angels Homepage

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Hey, fellow Fairphoners! I present to you the initial version of the Fairphone Angels homepage:

It can be reached via https://wearefairphone.github.io/fpangels-hp/ (or later angels.fairphone.community).

Your contributions at the Github repository are warmly welcome!


That’s looking good.
The page you get after clicking at “More info” needs some attention.

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Please be more specific. What do you expect?

Nice :slight_smile:

About the “More info” forum topic: at first glance I found the itemization maybe needs a note that not all heavens offer all of the mentioned services.
Which would be a nice addition to the homepage: indicated what to expect from the individual heavens. Need to think about that a little more.

Looks very clean and easy. :+1:t3:
How about sorting the heavens by country for more overview?

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That note actually exists:

I think that this requires a lot of maintainance. Of course, it would be a huge benefit, but it is also very vulnerable to being outdated.

Good idea! Mind to open an issue over at Github? :slight_smile:


Right, didn’t see that first.

But “at the moment” to me still sounds as if the idea is that every heaven will offer everything at some point.

All for now, don’t have time to come up with a wording that I like better :wink:

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Yesterday I got a 503 error at the ‘More info’ page. Today the error is gone.

Ah ok, to clarify, the “More info” button links to this topic: 👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members)

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