Local repair shop Scotland central belt (Edinburg, Glasgow, Stirling)

Hi there, I live in Stirling and I am looking for a local phone repair shop that does FPs. I have a FP3 and after it got wet, it does not charge anymore. Two shops in Stirling I tried, wouldn’t look at it. Does anyone know a good repair shop in the central belt of Scotland?


I’m wondering what you did after getting it wet. Did you dismantle or just remove the battery and for how long?

Check the following

  • LED lights up when plugged in
  • Battery passes the spin test
  • The bottom module is clean
  • The water indicators if dismantled

You can look up the ideas mentioned though I will check back when not so busy and update with links


Hi there,
Thanks for getting back to me. Within about an hour of getting wet, I took all modules out and dried them, then leave it like this over night.

I also checked now the following:

  • LED lights up red once the phone has started, but not immediately when when plugged in.
  • Yes battery passes the spin test, also tested the battery with a friend’s FP3+ and it was working fine in theirs.
  • Bottom module seems clean from what I can see.
  • Not sure where to find the water indicators, I think I found one, are the others only visible once you take out the modules?

Thanks a lot!


White squares

The bottom module can be further disassembled, but would void any warranty you may still have.

You may also want to look at the power button

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Hi there,

  • White squares. The centre right is pink, the top left is white. So some water came in at the centre right close to where the phone connects to the battery. However, the connectors seem to be fine and I couldn’t see any dirt or corrosion.
  • I have disassembled the bottom module and cleaned it. A bit of dust accumulated but no corrosion in there either.
  • I have opened the top module and it looked fine.
  • The power bar looks fine too.

So the only real issue I can see is the water indicator close to the battery connector.

Any thoughts or ideas?



Sadly no more ideas.

The problem with charging is that although the bottom module is the input the ‘power’ chip that negotiates what and when to charge is on the core module which is much the same as a new phone in terms of cost.

If there was someone near with a working spare bottom module you could try that. You can of course buy a spare bottom module with no guarantee that is the problem.


Thanks for this.

I put the phone together and it is now charging. It just reached 100%. My first impression was that it loses charge relatively quickly but the next few days will tell. I will test it and report back in a few days.

I didn’t believe it would happen. It would be amazing if it was fixed but I am not yet fully confident.


Not sure if by now you could still use some help, but there is a Fairphone Angel in Edinburgh.


Thanks @urs_lesse , I have emailed the angel a week ago but have heard nothing back.

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