Screen only shows vertical lines

I’ve got an issue with my FP3:

There seem to be several threads here in the forum that seem to report similar issues. I also sometimes see this colourful noise.

It started with some screen flickering several weeks/months ago and then turned into this behaviour last week. I already opened the device and I have cleaned the contacts. At the first time it seemed to help. But then the problem returned again.

I guess I did everything that has been suggested here (for example: tighten the screws), but this doesn’t seem to help.

BTW: The touchscreen itself seems to work. When I restart the device then after some time I get vibrational feedback when tapping on the middle of the screen (where the numbers for the PIN normally appear)

I wrote to the support a week ago but haven’t heard from them by now.

Question is: Should I simply buy a new display? Will this fix the problem or is it somewhere else?

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I wouldn’t buy a new display. Tightening the screws although sensible may not readily solve the issiue if the contacts are ‘dirty’.

Have you tried dismattling the screen, cleaning and reassembling ~ on that note you may find a #fairphoneangel angel nearby that can assist and maybe has a spare display module to test.


I already have removed the screen and have cleaned the contacts multiple times with a silky cloth. Is there anything more than I can do? I guess I can’t dismantle the screen unit itself, can’t I?

It would be great if there were someone in Hamburg who could help me finding the error. My replacement system is my old FP2, which has got its own issues as well.

If the contacts look clean then it is probably OK. The two degredations to look for are oily dullness and any corrosion.
It is common to use isopropyl alcohol to clean contacts and the surrounds.

Do you still have a valid warranty, as dismantling the screen would void it. Also did you notice the colour of the dampness indicator, again if red would void the warranty.

See map at


There is no visible corrosion, also the visible indicator is looking fine as well.

Concerning warranty: I bought the device around 2 years ago, so possibly it is still covered? I need to check that.

Thanks for the mail address!


Just in case it’s critical, time wise, contact support today as the warranty is up till the date you ask for support, not the day they receive the phone, which can be weeks away given how slow support can be and all the tests they may ask you to do.


I had the same problem months ago. I also tried some workarounds but it was fixed only after sending it to the repair centre.



Today I had the chance to swap the display with someone else. With his display my phone worked, with my display his phone didn’t work. So it is the display.

Question is now: how likely is it, that the support will react in time? Otherwise I just buy a new display.

Not sure what you mean, what time scale are you thinking of?
If you are speaking of a warranty, as I have alreayd said, if you are within 2 years by time you first contact you are OK, as long as you pass their ‘tests’ for valididty, dampness etc.

if you timescale is how quickly you can use the phone, then buying a screen maybe the issue.

it stll could be that if you dismantle the screen you may get it to work, however dismantling the screen voids any warranty you may have.

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No thats not correct. The phone is designed to open and dissambling the phone does not void warranty (unless you obviously break something during this process)

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I think @amoun might have meant to take apart the display module itself. Disassembling the modules itself is not covered by the warranty.

The wording seems ambiguous.
Since most of us here are not native English speakers, we should try to be careful and unambiguous in such cases.


I shortly thought the same, however the display module itself cannot be dismantled, so in my eyes if meant, it does not make a lot sense either. For other modules to prevent user from opening, the scewdriver does not fit.

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Yes I was thinking the display module maybe disassembeld and cleaned but as Yvmuell said that is not nreally an option, so I can see my mention of such can be the source of missunderstanding: I’m good at that at least least :slight_smile:

I opened a support case on the 9th. By now I haven’t received any answer. So I’m considering buying a new display although I’m still having guarantee. (it is 2 years, isn’t it?)

Yes it is two years, but only if Fairphone do not assess it has been voided. They will look inside for degraded contacts etc. and if they find any will say it has got damp etc.

Hopefully you did get an initial response with a ticket number to indicate when the problem arose.

Often people seem to get a ‘rapid’ response if they subsequently call after initial contact.

Apologies for any confusion over ‘disassembling’ the screen. I had somehow thought the screen can be ‘disassembled’ a bit and ‘worked on’.

I would never dare to take the display module apart. But of course it is easy to unscrew the 13 screws (which I did so many times now) to separate the display from the rest of the phone.

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Update: I ordered a replacement display. This fixed the issue.


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