Charging interrupted intermittently


Over the past two months or so, I’ve started to notice some funny behavior while charging my phone: it randomly stops charging for a few seconds, then resumes. It’s a bit annoying as it takes longer to fully charge than it used to, and I also get distracted when I have the phone charging next to me because the screen turns on and I get the sound notification.

What can be the reason for this? Initially I thought this happened while using the phone at the same time, it charged, but this happens even when I leave the phone idle. Even when I disable Bluetooth and Wi-Fi as well. On the other hand, as mentioned, this behavior is new as I was able to use my phone while charging it and this didn’t happen.

Should I be looking into replacing some parts? Maybe it’s software related? The phone works great aside from this little annoyance. It’s a Fairphone 3 running /e/OS 1.8.1, purchased from /e/ on 2020.


Please check the USB C port there may be some dust/debris that inhibits a good connection. It could also be a number of other things.

  • Poor cable
  • poor charger
  • loose battery , dirty connections
  • loose bottom module or dirty connections

Thank you, will check for dirt and dust on the cable and connectors.

In the interest of saving some time and back and forth posts, assuming the cable and connectors are clean (didn’t really clean them thoroughly but I do try to keep things tidy), how could I confirm if this is a hardware issue of the bottom module?

Other devices seems to charge fine but normally it’s just other people’s phones and it’s very time consuming to just sit there waiting to see if there’s some failure so I can’t really say for sure if other devices have this issue with this cable (weird as it may seem I don’t have other USB-C devices so my only chance to test for this is when I lend this charger to other people).

Sadly time consuming is the way to go.

For example you may think you are saving time by being on the forum but then others have to use time, is time a personal thing or a community project like the planet’s eco system.

You may find an angel near you that has modules that can replace yours to test. There is no short cut :slight_smile:

maybe an angel near you :slight_smile:

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Sure, no worries there I will just try it out throughout the week using different charges and cleaning the one I’ve got. Cheers!

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