[HAVE IT] FP1 dinosaur [found] love (and a screen)

Looking for a working FP1 screen. I’m located in the Netherlands but I will pay for shipping even if you are a bit further away.

My FP1 (old but gold) got water damage and an unresponsive screen now locks me out completely. For the past 2 weeks I tried everything to fix it, my last hope is to switch to a new screen.

Would be super happy and grateful if someone here had a screen for me!


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Have you contacted the Dutch Fairphone Angels?

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yes, yesterday I got a reply shortly after posting! will update the topic as soon as things change

An Amsterdam angel was able to connect me to someone who had an old device. Swapped out the screens following the ifixit guide and now everything works again.
Gotta love this community! :grin:


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