Screen HS - Ecran FP3 hs

My FP3 fell and no more screen. It’s grey with vertical lines . It looks like the rest of it functions.
Has anybody a screen for me ? Second hand is fine…
Mon FP3 est tombé and je n’ai plus d’écran bien qu’il ne semble pas cassé. Il est gris avec des rayures de couleur bleue. Le reste a l’air de fonctionner.
J’habite près de Lyon. Si vous avez un écran pour moi ??

I moved your post to the market section.

Thank you very much. I hope it will help.
Do you have a clue on how this request could help?
Best regards

Now reading your description again, you might not need a new screen. Check if all clips of the screen are properly clicked into placed. Just press it together carefully along the frame. Often its just a connection Problem. If this dies not help you can also try to diassemble and reassamble.


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Have tried to dismantle and re-assemble, it may just be a bit loose?
Ha! as yvmuell has suggested

I’ve tried to press all around. Not successfull…it looks quite artistic !,

I tried but nothing changed.

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This it what it looks like after being blue with stripes…

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Can you find a #fairphoneangel near you that may help check the screen?

I am not sûre how To find one…is it with the link you sent…?

Yes soory i coulkd have been more helpful :slight_smile:

I had lots of pink dots on the screen after dropping the phone, it can be the main connector rather than the screen itself. I dismantled the phone and reassembled it again ensuring the screws were tight enough, and it worked.


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