FP2 - G sensor / Accelerometer is dead

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my accelerometer is also dead. I wrote to support because of this. Because I also had a defective screen and microphone, I now have a new display and bottom module. The accelerometer is still dead. Sadly support set my request to “solved”, so I will have to reopen the issue. I will inform you, if anything happens.

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I opened a Ticket about it

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Got finaly a response from Support (after a few months of waiting), latest note was:

[…] since this is a very unusual problem I will have to contact our (more) technical department to investigate your case further. […]

So, keeping waiting …

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It does not look very unusual…

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I got the same response, but since 31 days and nothing has happend. Nothing. I hate it. No proper fotos, no good videos, no youtube. AAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh.

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Hi Friek, much thanks for your post. Seems to me that this problem appears not to be so very unusual in the meantime. What does the status ‘fairphone angel’ mean - shouldn’t you get a better or direct support?
However, looking to the practical side, can you support any circumstances or ideas why your sensors are dead? Could you share a screenshot listing your sensors? Did you had any issues with the screen before, was it eventually also exchanged?

All the best and regards,

Hi @TimmWa,

in this topic I linked to my picture of my sensors. Below my post is a picture of a FP with working sensors - quite a few are missing.

The Fairphone Angels Program are community members supporting other community members locally - so we can meet up to repair the FP. We do this without any connection to the Fairphone company (because we are THAT nice. :slight_smile: ). As we are normal community members, we receive the same support as any other community member. This way we can share our experience with our local Fairphoners.


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I am feeling really sad for your, that you are experiencing such problems and that support - unfortunately like usual - is so unresponsive. Once, when I had opened a ticket it tock 50 days for a reply; although I have to give them, that x-mas and new-years eve have to be taken into account.

Yet, that statement of yours and @garro yesterday, must not be true:

There is this one thread with four users reporting a dead accelerometer. That’s at least not really a clear indicator of a more frequent error.
Of course, that’s no excuse for keeping you waiting.
I would guess, it takes a new core-module to fix this problem.

Another week has passed … no update, no feedback, no solution - no happy Fairphoner :frowning_face:

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my ticket finally got processed - I have to send in my phone. Will update you on the process.

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They answered me that the problem is my proximity sensor. I really don’t think so, because my proximity sensor seems to work correctly during phone calls

Any news on that? I’m still using my fp2 with that dead accelerometer. But it really bugs me. I can’t find a “master module” spare part either. Did they stop producing them?

Hi, yes. I got my core module replaced by warranty.

In case your core module is out of warranty:

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Hi, just wanted to say I started having the same problem a few weeks ago. It might be related to me changing my screen module recently. But my phone is one the first and is getting pretty old so I doubt my core module is still under guarantee :/.

My accelerometer is dead too. More particularly my screen no longer rotates. Since I do not use Google (for anything) I cannot load the Sensors app.
My fairphone was shipped 23Aug2018 Order #FP200119964

This is a community forum, not the company. We have no access to company data. Please #contactsupport instead.

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You can try SatStat instead.


If your accel. is physicaly broken ( I doubt it ) you can replace it quite easily, beacuse it’s a standard Accel and you don’t need to remove any shields. But you will need hotair and some kind of soldering Iron (Micropencil would be great) along with soldewick and flux

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