Simple query about FP2

I almost never use the internet / email on my FP2. If I switch off ‘mobile data’ and simply use it for calls and texts, will it be safe? Thanks in advance

Why wouldn’t it be safe, what are you thinking of?

Are you using the latest OS with security updates?

Do you use Wi-FI as not using data is only the carrier and network option to download any worries, that is of course if
a) you don’t install apps manually from downloads or
b) Someone physically gets hold of the phone

There is also the Bluetooth option to interfere with the phones OS etc.

So what is safe is down to a lot more than not using data, and the internet and email are not all encompassing.

Of course you say email, but do you use Google for example and have a google account. Many google connections can be removed even without a ‘google free’ OS

Thank you, but as I’m not very tech-savvy, I’m unsure of a lot of the terms.
I’m referring to using the FP2 after March, when there will no longer be security updates, and the information given is that the security can’t be guaranteed. I was wondering if I only used it as a basic phone, for calls & texts, and turned off the Wi-Fi and internet connections, would it be secure? Thank you for the information about Google - I can delete that. In fact, I could delete all of the apps, I rarely use them.

I am reluctant to buy another phone when I make only a few calls and texts when away from home.

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Yeah, if you basically use it like a dumb phone, then I’d say it’s pretty safe. Sure, there are occasionally some exploits that are spread via SMS, but the likelihood of someone targeting you is so low that I wouldn’t really worry about it.


I agree with Razem, if you turn off Wi-Fi and mobile data you’ll be pretty safe.

Bear in mind also, that alternative operating systems (not too different in basic manipulation from what you already have) are available and will continue to be updated, so you might consider moving. I appreciate you’ll probably not want to do it yourself, but someone you know might be able to help, or maybe a Fairphone Angel if there’s one nearby (more info here).


Thank you all. I live in an area with poor mobile phone cover but very good internet access. I am retired, so at home a lot. I use my landline and wifi. I also have a tablet that I take away when visiting friends or on holiday. So a ‘smartphone’ is of occasional use only. That may change, but at the moment it seems that sticking to FP2 as a ‘dumb phone’ (love that expression!) would suit me very well.


Just out of curiosity: When was the last time you installed an update on your tablet?
I can imagine that this could be several months ago, which would also make it “insecure”. However, if you use the internet responsibly (dont click on shady links, dont visit weird websites, dont open random downloaded files etc), the risk of getting a virus is very low, especially since Android is quite well-protected (e.g. compared to Windows).

I would say you can use your phone without worrying too much at least until the end of the year. Also, have a look if there are #fairphoneangels in your area that could maybe help you install LineageOS (and Android version that is maintained separately and will still be updated after March).


Thank you, this Forum is very helpful. I do install updates on my tablet, but thank you for checking. I am wondering about Lineage OS, but am wary of going too far out of my comfort zone with tech.

  1. Even on a supported device you will never be completely safe (e.g. zero day exploits). Many people use (cheap) smartphones with old versions of android anyway because manufacterers stopped providing updates.
  2. Android 10 on FP2 got updates for quite a long time so there shouldn’t be too many bugs left. :smirk:
  3. For FP2 users, time for action may come when a new severe security bug is discovered in Android 10 that won’t be fixed anymore on FP2. Until then, I’m going to continue using it.

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