Forum stability issues? "Internal Server Error" on several pages

@leomakkinje I think there are some forum issues, see screenshots below.

One of the issues is triggered when opening the forum categories. For some reason it only triggers the error when I’m logged in.

Also when using the FP Angels map I get an error which looks like a Content Security Policy error. I’m on mobile, so a debug console is not really an option at the moment. The error is triggered once I click on a map item.

Can others also duplicate these issues?

No I cant see any stability issues, the only I see as well os this when I click on the Angels map and then I’m redirected to the Mastodon page and I guess thats because there is currently some set-up being done

I can’t reproduce the problems.
I can see the categories as usual and also the angels map is displayed for me without the mentioned error message… :thinking:

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Maybe it’s a problem with my account. I don’t see the error when I’m not logged in. But once I do login I get the error in Firefox and Chrome. Also reproduced on another phone. At least that’s consistent with an internal server error, but it’s odd that it’s just my account.

Did you by the way click on one of the items on the map? The error is triggered once I do that. Maybe the new FP Mastodon CSP is causing issues for the map. But still just guessing since I’m still far away from my laptop to check the error console.

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Still looks a bit different for me but at least once I click on the map I can generate a similar error.

Will have a look at it.

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I’m able to better reproduce it now. In Firefox I’ve enabled developer mode and then enabled the Galaxy S20 display form factor. When I then refresh I get the error below. But only when I’m logged in and only for the mobile view. Below it seems like the error has to do with a file that cannot be found. Which I suppose is only loaded when the screen is small. But the fact I can only reproduce it for myself when logged in is very strange. Also disabled AdBlock and Privacy Badger. And could reproduce the same in Chrome on desktop.
[HTTP/1.1 500 Internal Server Error 0ms]

Source map error: Error: NetworkError when attempting to fetch resource.
Resource URL: moz-extension://9e3d2435-710c-43d1-95de-5c96ee1b9429/model/static/DOMPurify/purify.min.js
Source Map URL:
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I’ve corrected one syntax error on the angels map with the new Mastodon backlink. When I click on the embedded map right now after a reload, it works as expected for me. I didn’t notice any error on the standalone map yesterday.

About the categories I’m a little confused because that’s the page I have always open in my browser and I haven’t seen an Internal Server Error at all.

And the last error with the source map I understood is something from the browser developer tools, c.f.

Edit: can somebody else confirm that at least the problem with the embedded map is fixed now?


Thanks! At least for me the problem with the map is fixed! :slight_smile:


Seeing the error message, category_id 37 corresponds to the Discuss category. Might it be that you have some muted or tracked subcategories of Discuss conflicting with some muted or tracked tags? That’s a very wild guess… But that’s the one thing I could see that could influence being logged in or not, even though there’s no reason it shoule happen only on mobile…

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I only muted all the Fairphone categories except for Fairphone 4 and muted a few tags about other FP models and some language tags. I unmuted the categories, but the error still happens.

I don’t know when this issue started since I use the latest view and rarely the category view. Maybe the next Discourse rebuild will fix it. I don’t have the issue on any other Discourse forum and the issue also happens in safe mode, so it’s not a (custom) plugin causing this.

Thanks for checking!

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