Several FP4 modules broken after bike crash, what to do with the surviving ones?

Here’s my Fairphone 4 after it fell from a bike:

As you can see the following modules at least are done:

  • Camera,
  • Screen,
  • Battery,
  • Rear cover.

Most if not all the others seem in pretty good shape as they went on the grass (unlike the Battery for ex. which was passed over by a couple cars as it went on the road). Any idea where to start to have them tested? Either before buying the broken ones, or for replacement/spare parts service.

PS Lost a job last month so please note it’d be hard for me to simply give them away.


Woah :frowning: My commiserations.

Some thoughts:

  1. Do you know any other FP4 users who might be willing to let you test her or his display on your own FP4? So far all Fairphones worked with modules like camera, speaker, USB port, earspeaker etc. removed, so you could test it near “empty”. For disassembly, see Fairphone 4 Repair - iFixit
  2. If that is not an option for you, check if there’s a Fairphone Angel in your area and ask if s/he’d be willing to let you test: 👼 The Fairphone Angels Program and Map (Local support by community members)
  3. If the display still shows everything, but doesn’t react to touch, an OTG adapter or cable could allow you to connect a USB computer mouse to control the screen (at least for testing).
  4. If you get a working display on your FP4, you can access an abundance of hardware tests when dialling * # * # 2 8 8 6 # * # *

P.S.: I hope you quickly put the battery remainders in a plastig bag and closed it. If not, I strongly urge you to do so. Batteries are labelled “hazardous goods” in postal shipping for a reason.


ty @urs_lesse

  • The battery has been isolated (good call on your part tho)
  • No Fairphone Angels in Normandy, closest would be the Paris Fairphone community at 230 km
  • Is it worth testing the screen (pic below)? Sorry I know nothing about tactile screen.
  • I’ll post everywhere in the hope to find a FP4 owner; FP are even less common in French “banlieues” and the fp4 is a bit clumsy & fragile to be recognized in my profession (moto/cycle mechanics).


From the picture it obviously looks beyond any hope. So no, I cannot imagine to get any sign of life out of that screen unit.


Did you try to put it in rice? It can TOTALLY fix it


What should rice fix here🤔


It’s a meme, when your phone is broken just put it in rice it’s going to fix it


Ok a bad one for me, as many people still use rice for water accidents…

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That 600 € joke, and from an angel on top of that.

Also I contacted support via the form, asking for advices specifically how to have the non broken modules tested without FP angels or FP4 nearby.


This is so sad to see :frowning:

From the little things available on the photos it could be that the internal modules could at least be in working order. But I wouldn’t bet on it as much as I wouldn’t discount it.

No accident insurance or home insurance that could cover this? I know a lot of home insurances here could potentially cover this. Total cost to repair what’s left is 209.80€ so not to bad, that is to say if the other modules are working. This was of course the Fairphone website prices, maybe look at some in-country tech shops for the modules. At least it would still be cheaper than buying a new phone all-together that’s at least half as decent, cool story to tell too how easy it was to rescue!

To continue with the memeing: How did you take that picture?
Perhaps take a bike ride to the Paris Fairphone Angel but bring a Nokia 3310

In all seriousness, glad you survived the crash and sorry about your job hopefully another one comes around soon. I hope for the best for you that it all get solved soon!


Maybe you can send a package to an angel in france and pay the postage for both ways. The angel could make a checkup and send it back.


I’d send the package with a return ticket incl. at once if such a Fairphone Angel accepted, provided with the adequate guarantee (s)he is an angel. Didn’t think of it before, ty @Jens1 !


I can do this, I have a FP4 :wink:


So Antoine just tested my FP4 using his own (smartphone, smartness) and…
it works.


Wow, speaks to how well fairphone are built.
What parts work?


With rice Atlantian?

All but the smashed ones (screen, camera and battery) according to Antoine.

Also I checked my insurance: there were no possible refund from them cc @Zelaf.