👼 The Fairphone Angels Program (Local support by community members) - Offers and questions

I’ve just fixed it. :slight_smile:


Hey everyone, I would like to become an angel and i’m in Montreal, Canada. I know fairphone is a european phone but there is still a good amount of people, like me, who loves the fairphone. So if it’s possible I would like to join. I know a good amount about the hardware and the software, I’ve had a fp2 and now fp4, I know how to change the OS and currently looking into really learning about the hardware with this Physically add second sim
Thanks for the consideration


You are the second Angel in Canada then, great!:blush:

Just tagging @NGnius

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Welcome! Really close to me too, maybe we should meet up at some point.


Really I don’t find any angel in north america on the map?

You have to zoom in on NA, since I’m the only one. And if you still can’t find me, I’m in Ottawa.


Thanks @Atlantian for offering to participate as Fairphone Angel and welcome as a new Fairphone Angel!
I’ve added you to the according groups and started the “onboarding process”.
I’ve sent you a pm with more details.

Does anybody know how many angels are watching over Fairphone users? :slight_smile:

The list at 👼 The Fairphone Angels Program and Map (Local support by community members) shows all heavens and how many angels they have.


Sorry for the delayed response. Both Canadian sites are now visible on the angels map:

Site Montreal is now up and running.


If I recall it correctly, this has – at least in the map – increased the visibility of :canada: Canadian Fairphone Angels a great deal. I seem to remember it took really a lot of zooming in before spotting the Ottawa blue circle while now the two are shown literally at first sight :slight_smile:



If you need more Angels in Berlin, Germany, I offer my help as well.

I am an active maintainer of a number of Open Source projects (including projects for Android as well) and recently got a Fairphone 4. Eventhough the Fairphone as a “daily driver” is quite new to me I already know Fairphone and Android in general for many years.

I’m a native German speaker but also fluent in English.


Berlin (a.k.a. the Fairphone world capital in terms of number of users :wink: ) is probably the one Angel heaven that would benefit most from more Angels :slight_smile: Great Angel @schmulschubiak will surely welcome you :+1:


@askaaron Woohoo!
Let’s meet and discuss all the details!


Thanks for your offer, sounds great!
I’ve added you to the general Angels and to the Berlin Angels groups.
Wonderful if you could team up with @schmulschubiak !


I would like to join as Fairphone Angel in Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki, Poland
I can help local users with replacing parts, rooting, custom roms, degoogling, basically all things android


Thanks @rogal for offering to participate as Fairphone Angel and welcome as a new Fairphone Angel!
I’ve added you to the according groups and sent you a pm with more details.

Edit: the angels site Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki is setup and reachable now.


I wanted to ask of there are any fairphone angels that will be travelling through Hawaii any time soon? haha
My FP3 completely died a few days ago after sustaining rain water damage a month prior, and I want to try and repair it. I’m trying to figure out what to do about my phone right now.


I would like to offer my services as a Fairphone Angel for Newcastle, UK.

I currently run my own IT Consulting company focusing on environmentally low impact IT solutions.

I am a member of the local Green Party and an advocate for Right to Repair.

I’d like to use my knowledge in order to help push towards more sustainability via this program.

I haven’t been hugely forum active recently, however I’d like that to change and to promote change in the local North East of England area.

Any questions regarding my IT background I am happy to answer =)


Thanks @UDT121 for offering to provide local support in Newcastle!
Great to hear your plans!
I’ve now finished the Angels “onboarding process”, Newcastle heaven mail is now reachable and listed in the #angelsmap sites and the dot on the map should appear within the next 24 hours. :slight_smile: