FP2 dead after factory reset

Hi all,

my problem looks like a bunch of others, but no solution seems to help.
Maybe I overlooked the right answer, I would love your help.

I planned to give my FP2 to a friend. When I turned it on everything worked. I had full access to all my old data, apps etc. The battery was on 30% and charging just fine. I performed a factory reset. When the device popped back on and asked to start up the new account I wanted to turn the SIM card in. Here the trouble started:

I couldn’t turn off the phone so I forced it by removing the battery.
I placed the SIM card but then it didn’t turn on.
I plugged it on the charger, the yellowish led burned, it showed the black fairphone powered by android screen and after that the charging animation.
I could prompt the animation and turn the screen off by clicking the ON button.
But I could not turn the device on, nor prompt recovery mode or fastboot mode.
I removed the battery for over een half hour.
Recharged it, the led turned green.
Now it doesnt show anything unless I remove the charger: the now frozen charge animation.
I opended the device cleaned all the modules, extra secured my battery.
But still: It doesnt turn on, no recovery or fastboot. And it doesnt show anything unless I remove the charger: the now frozen charge animation.

My laptop sees I am connecting a drive but doesn’t regonize the device.
Did my FP2 died in my hands after the factory reset? :sob:

Welcome to the community forum. :slight_smile:

I would suggest you check if there is a Fairphone Angel nearby:

If you’re lucky, s/he might be willing to literally take it in her or his hands. Given you already performed a factory reset, there’s the advantage of not having to rescue data or the like, this makes testing easier.

Alternatively, you might want to temporarily swap modules (for testing) with another FP2 owner if you know one, especially the battery and the bottom module would be candidates.


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