Touch screen doesn't react - without being broken

Unfortunately my touch screen (fairphone 3+) doesn’t react at all. It happened from one second to the other while using, without any reason that I could imagine. It didn’t get wet and it didn’t fell. The display itself isn’t broken. I already tried to remove the battery and start the phone again. I also removed all screws and tried to clean all parts inside. Nothing worked.

Hi Nina and welcome to the forum!

What you describe sounds like the digitizer part of the screen has stopped working. This should be part of the display module. If you have someone with a FP3 close to you it might be worth confirming this by swapping display modules. I assume the phone is older than 2 years? In that case, unfortunately you’ll have to pay the replacement screen yourself, otherwise you should contact support since it could be handled under warranty. The good news is that you can easily replace the screen - I had an unfair phone from a friend which could only be operated using a USB mouse via USB OTG (which would be an option for you, too, if you want to backup any files to be on the safe side) and there I could basically do nothing about that.


Did you completely remove the display itself, too? If you did not:

Two things are always recommendable with screen issues:

First, check if there are gaps in the seam between display and core module. If that is the case, close them with gentle pressure. (see below, iFixit instructions Step 9, black text).

If that doesn’t help, removing the display altogether and putting it back on might help, as described here:

If all of that doesn’t help, I would support Martin’s suggestions and test someone else’s FP3 screen on your FP3 (and/or vice versa). Check if there’s a Fairphone Angel in your area if you don’t know any other FP3 user nearby.


Thank you very much! :grinning: :grinning:
I ordered a new display and exchanged it and now everything (at least concerning the touch screen - i still have some issues with charging, but thats another topic) works again.


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