Fairphone 3 doesn't turn up but the light/vibration does

I had a water issue with my Fairphone 3 and dried it completely before charging it again. When charging the light turns green white/yellow and eventually green - the battery is warming up like a normal charging.
When I turn it up it vibrates and small light turns up but not the screen. Do you think it is a screen issue or deeper than this? Do you think I might be able to recover it?
Thank you for your help, it has been a long way through already but would like to make it last more :wink:

Perhaps there is a Fairphone Angel in your neighbourhood.
If he/she has a display for a Fairphone 3 you could test if only your display is faulty.

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Have you tried calling the phone? If it’s just the display then it should at least ring and then you’ll know if it’s just the display :slightly_smiling_face:

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