Giving away FP5 protective case in France

I just bought a FP5 but I am not a big fan of the protective case.
I have asked for a refund, which I got, but apparently the cost and footprint of sending it back outweights the advantages.
So, I am reaching out to the community to ask if any of you is interested in a free FP5 protective case (moss green). I live near Paris, France, so priority to people in the area to decrease the carbon footprint :slight_smile: If it needs shipping, I will just ask you to pay the shipping costs.
Cheers !


If no one has bitten yet, perhaps @angels_paris ? (Fairphone Angels)

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Thanks Federica and Urs,

I had the same problem and my blue “protective” case stays in my drawer for now, replaced by a transparent (but much more protective) one. I have had no demand for it yet and I even discourage people to use the case because of its lack of protection of the corners and sides of the phone.

So I’ll pass for now but if you really don’t find anyone, and want to throw it away, hit me up via DM to send it to me, the cheapest way.


Thanks for this reply! I’ll explore some other paths to see if someone is interested, else I’ll get back to you!

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