Screen Protector Issues - Used Product Sent As New?

Ordered a screen protector a while ago and received one that had clearly been used - there were scratch/swipe marks where a right-handed person would naturally use their thumb and the screen had no adhesive sticker to attach it to the phone. I let Fairphone know, sent pictures, and they sent me another one. Same issue - I even thought I’d accidentally opened the original one but no, I have them side-by-side in front of me and they are clearly not a new product and are not usable for the intended purpose. Has anyone had the same issue or am I being really dense about this product? Both came in the little cardboard package with a fresh pack of wipes.

Edit to add image - first screen protector is on the right and the newer one is on the left.

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Can you post images and maybe you can find a #fairphoneangel near you to assess the condition as it does seem odd.

Hi Amoun,

Thank you for your reply, the Angels suggestion looks good but they are quite far away in my country, I will see what they can do. I could only upload one image to the original post so am putting another one here of the first one I was sent.

Thanks again.

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And even the first one was ordered from Fairophone via the shop site ??

Did they make any comment on the first one especially as if it had no adhesive sticker on the back how did this get by ???

Yes, ordered from the official website along with a case that is fine, no issues with that. I have the packaging and order note.

They sent me the second one with no quibble and I was really impresed with how quickly they dealt with it but when I opened it I was so confused. I don’t know if someone was maybe picking & packing from the returns box or something?!

Edit to add another image with the second screen protector rotated from the above image, to show the marks more clearly.

You will have a ticket number for the first support so maybe you could email them the pictures and a link to this topic.

Sorry if it’s a dull question, but having a look at your pictures it looks like the screen protector wears an additional protection plastic foil. So you’re sure that once you remove the plastic foil it still looks used and scratched and with thumb prints?


As Volker, I think there might indeed be an adhesive layer on both your screen protectors. Have a look here at the 0:55 mark (this video most likely shows the privacy version, that’s why it might look darker than yours):

What your own photos show is the screenprotector sitting on a (slightly larger) plastic layer, and the adhesive is most likely in between them (although eventually on the downside of the actual protector – the smaller layer).


Oh my goodness. Thank you so much for your reply (and Volker); I did watch this video when I got the first one as I thought I must be missing something as neither I nor friends and family could find an adhesive layer when I asked them to have a look.

You are exactly correct, the smaller layer popped off the larger layer! My son and I tried picking at it for ages but it seemed like it was a solid unit.

So, in answer to my original question, I was being very dense about the product! To anyone else who may be as anxious about breaking things as I am, you can wiggle it more than it looks.

As I said in a previous message, Fairphone Customer Service have been great. I was too embarrassed to go back to them after the second one arrived and I left it for a coupl eof months and nearly didn’t post today and I am so glad I did :smile:

Thank you everyone for your help :smile: have a great weekend!


Glad things have cleared up all fine for you :+1:

You might want to consider offering the spare protector you now have in this forum’s unofficial marketplace:

Fairphone Support has in the past not insisted on returning erroneously sent replacement shipments, but usually suggested to offer them for free in this place, too. Asking for shipping reimbursement from potential takers is all ok, and you might want to consider offering it for pick-up in person, too – if you feel safe and comfortable with that.


Oh man, this is even more embarrassing… I rendered one of them useless while trying to attach it by getting it covered in fluff :man_facepalming: . I am a clumsy person - theres a reason I wanted a case and screen protector in the first place! And was extra cautious when first trying to unpack it…

I will bear the marketplace in mind in future though, thank you again for your help!


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