Broke the screen on my new phone. Trying to figure out what to do


So I had an accident with my phone. It’s really frustrating because I had only just fixed an issue with charging so I’m without the phone for a second time.

I feel like it should be the case I only need to repair the screen but I wanted to ask how I check if it’s only the screen that needs replacing? I don’t want to pay for the new screen only to find it’s a bigger issue.

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I think you need to specify if your screen doesn’t work at all anymore or if it still properly displays and still has touch functionality.

If it’s still possible, you can call this string of characters * # * # 6 6 #* # * to get a set of almost 30 hardware tests on your FP3. This allows you to check all sorts of components.

If it’s not, the only way you can check is if there is another Fairphoner with an FP3 near you who is willing to let you test her or his display on your FP3. You might want to have a look here, although I want to say that not every Fairphone Angel might be willing (or able) to provide an FP3 display for testing:


Thank you,

Unfortunately, the screen doesn’t work at all. It lights up but the screen is fairly smashed and it’s just a blur of colours, nothing for me to press.

I did see that Fairphone Angel feature but unfortunately I live in London and it doesn’t look like there’s anyone near me.

Is there a way to share pictures on here? I have to admit, it doesn’t like good. I’m trying to disassemble the phone and behind the screen it looks like there’s some plastic bent out of shape. What do I do in the scenario where it’s more than the screen that’s broken?

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To post images, and DM etc. you have to climb the status ladder from Novice to Basic ~ that requires 10 min of reading or alternatives.


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Is that hardware test feature also supposed to work on /e/?

Unfortunately, it doesn’t. You can install “Fairphone Checkup” from F-Droid as a partial (far fewer tests) substitute though. It’s actually a Fairphone 2 app (to be exact, it’s part of the FP2 settings menu), but mostly works on other smartphones, too.


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