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Hello everyone,
I did the sound test and they confirmed that one of the two microphone does not work. I can still speak on the phone but not on speaker mode nor if someone videocall me. I am currently based in Paris. Is there anyone who has a piece I could replace my Fairphone with? It is the iPhone 3rd. The guarantee is expired so I cant get support from Fairphone company.


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You mean the FP3

Speaker mode uses the top mic, so you may want to get hold of a top module.

The Fairphone 3 top module includes an 8 megapixel front camera to make the best selfies. It also contains everything you need for clear calls, like the receiver, 3.5mm earphone jack, secondary microphone and proximity sensor.
Fairphone 3 Top Module - 8MP front camera | Fairphone

See if you can find a #fairphoneangel near you that may have one to test.

Fairphone angels map

Meanwhile disassemble the phone and check the top modules contacts.

You can even dismantle the actual top module for checking, cleaning etc.

There is always the option of buying a new module if you assess that the current one is indeed faulty.


As amoun says, best thing to do first of all is to check and clean contacts.

You still can get support, but it won’t be free of charge if you have to send the phone in or replace a module.

If it turns out to be a faulty top module, there have recently been offers from community members:

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thank you for your answer! I do not want to send my phone and be without a phone for possibly severals days/weeks as I dont have a back up phone. So I was wondering if buying the piece at FNAC in Paris was going to help? the microphone got broken a long time ago by someone who accidentally poured oil on my Fairphone. Nothing was damaged except this microphone to put speakers on / use during video call. thanks for your help everyone by the way!!

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module de haut-parleur? si oui, cela m interesse, je ne sais pas si on peut s ecrire en mp pour echanger nos infos merci!

No. The mic that’s used in “speaker mode” is in the top module (as already indicated by amoun), not in the same module as the speaker (which I agree may cause confusion).

I take it the speaker itself is working? In the FP3(+), the speaker is in a module of its own.

From what you said in your original post, it’s the top module that needs to be replaced (as stated by amoun). The advertisements I cited earlier are for top modules.

Je vous envoie un message privé car je pense que vous n’avez pas encore la possibilité.

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d’accord merci oui je suis encore debutant sur le forum desolee je ne sais pas bien comment cela marche.

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