Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

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Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: Does this mean that you are part of the local Fairphone community already? :blush:


Hi Stefan,

no, I just joined the community here as a “normal” user, but maybe I find time to join the local community as well :slight_smile:

Btw, thanks for showing me this thing with the Munich community :wink:


Welcome to the community & the forum!

Wenn mal was ist: das ein oder andere Ersatzteil habe ich auch in Augsburg. :sunglasses:


Hi everyone, Pietro here, 25 years, engeneer student.
I’ve been using FP2 for almost an year, love it, now also part of the community.
Greetings from Italy.


Welcome to the forum, @Pietro_Ciuffreda :blush:


You might also want to say Ciao here:

And there are Fairphone Angels in Padova and Taranto.

Welcome from me as well :slight_smile:


Halò all!

New to this community. I’m waiting for the delivery of an FP3 and have been interested since hearing about the FP2 a wee while ago. Hoping to kick the habit of needing a new phone every year and enjoy the ability to repair my phone.

Current phone is an HTC10 with an ailing battery, so a changeable battery will be great.

Live in Scotland and am the keeper of many :chicken: and a couple of :duck:


Welcome to the Fairphone forum, @athair_birb! :smiley:

  • I’m interested in Free Software. That’s the first major reason why I chose #discuss:fairphone-2 to be my first smartphone.
  • The second is to #livingwogoogle. It feels like this company is everywhere! But fortunately, it isn’t.
  • Last but not least, I care about the (amount of) recources, including labourship and (raw) materials.

And sometimes, I’m quite critic…


Welcome to the Fairphone forum, @Nepumuk!

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Oops, almost forgot to introduce myself.

I’m a tech writer and developer who’s been active on the peripheries of the open source software scene for about 20 years.

While I’m generally very keen on Fairphone’s ethos, my main reason for finally joining in by ordering a Fairphone 3 is because I’m entirely fed up with how much trouble it is repairing mainstream phones.


Welcome to the forum, @Owlbear! You wrote that you are a tech writer. Maybe some of your writings are interesting for the Fairphone Community. Do you mind sharing some links? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome, Stephan! In terms of current writing, here are some overview links:

I’m a contributing editor at WIRED in the UK, looking at security, hardware and social issues surrounding tech - https://www.wired.co.uk/profile/kg-orphanides

I cover security, VPNs and such for Trusted Reviews - https://www.trustedreviews.com/author/k-g-orphanides

And B2B cloud services, SaaS and infrastructure stuff for Cloud Pro and IT Pro - https://www.cloudpro.co.uk/authors/kg-orphanides

I also write for print, including the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s official magazine, The MagPi, Custom PC and occasional games industry press like Wireframe and RPS.

But probably the most Fairphone relevant thing was a small independently published and Creative Commons licensed Medium piece about conflict minerals.

Thanks for asking! :blush:


Hello, I’m a geek interested in Fairphones but who want some informations before deciding if I buy one or not, so here I am.

And about my pseudo, “Bigou”? It was my own baby-babble turned nickname (used by family), that I then turned into my online-pseudo when I first used internet.

Oh, and @Marco, the photo in your post (the firs one of the topic) can’t be seen anymore. (Just so you know.)


Welcome to the Fairhone Community Forum, @Bigou :slight_smile:

I’m a french user of free software in love with the concept of modularity and reparability. Thus Fairphone have a lot of reasons to be really interesting for me! I am tempted to buy a FP3 since it’s announcement.
I have initially subscribed to the forum to answer the survey about which color we want for Fairphone 3 cases. But this forum is really interesting to read so I am glad to introduce myself.
Have a good day!


:slight_smile: Welcome, @TrueCherry

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Here you are! Welcome to the Fairphone community! :smile:

I’m Anders from Denmark and I’m just looking around.

I must say there was no contender for the V20 - you are the first that I find something that is for sale and a company that has not gone totally nuts!
I have 3 things a mobile need to have to find any interest in it - Jackstick, SD-slot and replaceable battery - and the Root thing, Kisses for the fairphone company for doing it exactly how it should be done. Giving the user the possibility of choice to own there phone! Well, So I’m just looking around and having some questions and collecting data points I guess.



Welcome to the Fairphone Community! :blush: And shoutout to all Danish Fairphoners! :denmark: It’s about time that someone creates a local community. :wink: