Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

When we meet up to fix your phone you should meet my mother. She can’t stop talking about Gerald Hüther. :wink:

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I’m Javi, from Spain, 31 years old and chemical engineer. I love technology, swimming and science in general (I recently started to study Physics).

I have been worried about enviroment since a was young and I am always trying to minimize the impact of my behavior in the enviroment. Is for that reason I know about Fairphone.

I do not own a FP, because I didn’t buy any phone since about 3 years ago, before I knew about this company. Sometimes I think about buy a FP2 only because I like to support brands worried about fair trade and enviroment (maybe a FP2 new life edition?).

I am also worried about society. In the last years I am worried about this two topics (sustainability and society) more than ever so I became a member different ONGs.

I work in an industry involved in the circular economy too. We use the waste of the winemaking industry to abtain high valued products for the food industry, pharmaceuticals and energy.

My only treasure are my friends and family. I notice then people around us is the most important resource we have in life.

So, this is a brief abstract about me.

(Sorry if sometimes I make mistakes, English is not my mother tongue)

I hope I can talk with other people with a few interests in common. So, nice to meet you all!


Welcome to the Fairphone forum, @javiz87, and Feliz Pascua! :smiley:

Maybe @iratxe would be an interesting contact for you. She is a Spanish networker connecting sustainable companies.


Hi, i’m Lesley, a Fairphone 2 user since 2 years.
Not sure how this forum works but here goes!


Welcome here, there is plenty to read. Feel free to use the search function.

Hallo there!

My first handheld computer was a nokia lumia 620. It worked fairly well, with only fewer and fewer apps as a major down side, until it suddenly stopped working.
Still hesitating about FP 2, I bought a second hand lumia 630. This one is still working okay, with same issue(s) as 620: fewer apps and browser crashing for more and more websites.

Thanx to a whim I have a FP 2, for 2 months now.
I have been looking up which OS I could install on the FP 2 and tried to decide which one to go for ( reading a lot of interesting posts on this forum , for instance posts of @paulakreuzer). In the long run I decided I’d go for Fairphone Open ( for starters, possibly ).
As a rough guide I’m trying to get @FP2GenericUser’s setup from https://forum.fairphone.com/t/my-fp2-open-hardened-google-free-setup/ installed.

Location: Utrecht, NL.



Welcome to the Fairphone forum, @AbangL :smiley:

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Hi everyone!

I’m Andreas from Augsburg, Bavaria und I’m using my Fairphone 2 for about a year now with pleasure. Now I’m proud to be a part of the Fairphone community as a forum user, too :wink:


Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: Does this mean that you are part of the local Fairphone community already? :blush:


Hi Stefan,

no, I just joined the community here as a “normal” user, but maybe I find time to join the local community as well :slight_smile:

Btw, thanks for showing me this thing with the Munich community :wink:


Welcome to the community & the forum!

Wenn mal was ist: das ein oder andere Ersatzteil habe ich auch in Augsburg. :sunglasses:


Hi everyone, Pietro here, 25 years, engeneer student.
I’ve been using FP2 for almost an year, love it, now also part of the community.
Greetings from Italy.


Welcome to the forum, @Pietro_Ciuffreda :blush:


You might also want to say Ciao here:

And there are Fairphone Angels in Padova and Taranto.

Welcome from me as well :slight_smile:


Halò all!

New to this community. I’m waiting for the delivery of an FP3 and have been interested since hearing about the FP2 a wee while ago. Hoping to kick the habit of needing a new phone every year and enjoy the ability to repair my phone.

Current phone is an HTC10 with an ailing battery, so a changeable battery will be great.

Live in Scotland and am the keeper of many :chicken: and a couple of :duck:


Welcome to the Fairphone forum, @athair_birb! :smiley:

  • I’m interested in Free Software. That’s the first major reason why I chose #discuss:fairphone-2 to be my first smartphone.
  • The second is to #livingwogoogle. It feels like this company is everywhere! But fortunately, it isn’t.
  • Last but not least, I care about the (amount of) recources, including labourship and (raw) materials.

And sometimes, I’m quite critic…


Welcome to the Fairphone forum, @Nepumuk!

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Oops, almost forgot to introduce myself.

I’m a tech writer and developer who’s been active on the peripheries of the open source software scene for about 20 years.

While I’m generally very keen on Fairphone’s ethos, my main reason for finally joining in by ordering a Fairphone 3 is because I’m entirely fed up with how much trouble it is repairing mainstream phones.


Welcome to the forum, @Owlbear! You wrote that you are a tech writer. Maybe some of your writings are interesting for the Fairphone Community. Do you mind sharing some links? :slight_smile: