Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

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I replied on the link you shared. Probably not, I only get a H symbol, not LTE, but it is sooo fast I have zero lag at all.



I am Sebastian, I am born in Graz, the second biggest city in Austria. I live in Vienna.

I am very interested in sustainability, therefore the fairphone was the best choice for me.

I am optimistic that our society will find its way to sustainability.

The first stepstone ist for me finding sustainable happiness - for me possible with knowledge and consciousness about oxytocin, and other happiness hormones.

Another important part for me is perma culture - a way of sustainable grown food.

Last but not least, dignity is for me the most important value, that helps me find peace, freedom and community - Gerald Hüther’s concept about dignity expresses my feelings about it.

I am greatful to having you in this community,

have a nice time with your fairphone and enjoy your life!




When we meet up to fix your phone you should meet my mother. She can’t stop talking about Gerald Hüther. :wink: