Welcome! Introduce yourself here!

Welcome to the forum, @Owlbear! You wrote that you are a tech writer. Maybe some of your writings are interesting for the Fairphone Community. Do you mind sharing some links? :slight_smile:

Thanks for the welcome, Stephan! In terms of current writing, here are some overview links:

I’m a contributing editor at WIRED in the UK, looking at security, hardware and social issues surrounding tech - https://www.wired.co.uk/profile/kg-orphanides

I cover security, VPNs and such for Trusted Reviews - https://www.trustedreviews.com/author/k-g-orphanides

And B2B cloud services, SaaS and infrastructure stuff for Cloud Pro and IT Pro - https://www.cloudpro.co.uk/authors/kg-orphanides

I also write for print, including the Raspberry Pi Foundation’s official magazine, The MagPi, Custom PC and occasional games industry press like Wireframe and RPS.

But probably the most Fairphone relevant thing was a small independently published and Creative Commons licensed Medium piece about conflict minerals.

Thanks for asking! :blush:


Hello, I’m a geek interested in Fairphones but who want some informations before deciding if I buy one or not, so here I am.

And about my pseudo, “Bigou”? It was my own baby-babble turned nickname (used by family), that I then turned into my online-pseudo when I first used internet.

Oh, and @Marco, the photo in your post (the firs one of the topic) can’t be seen anymore. (Just so you know.)


Welcome to the Fairhone Community Forum, @Bigou :slight_smile:

I’m a french user of free software in love with the concept of modularity and reparability. Thus Fairphone have a lot of reasons to be really interesting for me! I am tempted to buy a FP3 since it’s announcement.
I have initially subscribed to the forum to answer the survey about which color we want for Fairphone 3 cases. But this forum is really interesting to read so I am glad to introduce myself.
Have a good day!


:slight_smile: Welcome, @TrueCherry

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Here you are! Welcome to the Fairphone community! :smile:

I’m Anders from Denmark and I’m just looking around.

I must say there was no contender for the V20 - you are the first that I find something that is for sale and a company that has not gone totally nuts!
I have 3 things a mobile need to have to find any interest in it - Jackstick, SD-slot and replaceable battery - and the Root thing, Kisses for the fairphone company for doing it exactly how it should be done. Giving the user the possibility of choice to own there phone! Well, So I’m just looking around and having some questions and collecting data points I guess.



Welcome to the Fairphone Community! :blush: And shoutout to all Danish Fairphoners! :denmark: It’s about time that someone creates a local community. :wink:

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Welcome to the forum, do all the searching you can think of and don’t hesitate to ask, if you don’t find an answer.

But keep in mind, that this is a user forum and nothing done by the company Fairphone; even though they provide the webspace and support the forum-software (if I get it right).

The content and moderation is all user driven. :grinning:

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Hi Everybody, I’m Mark, working in cybersecurity and identity and access management.

I’ve been meaning to try fairphone for a while, so I’m glad that when my dear Essential PH-1 gave up the electronic ghost the Fairphone 3 is here and ready. I just got back from a trip across town to Why! Computer to pick one up.

I’ll be looking forward to frequent security patching !


Hello Flo,

Congrats, I, myself lived in Chartres during 15 years, now living abroad :finland: . Good to see some people from Chartres promoting the Fairphone. :slight_smile: Hope this smartphone will make a significant change in our world who definitely needs it !!
I also have a FP3 since few months now and happy about it !

A bientôt !



Hi :wave: :sparkles:

I’m Ingunn from Norway :norway:. When writing this, I don’t have a Fairphone yet, but it’s on its way. I’ve been following the Fairphone news since FP2, but as the FP2 was already sold out when I found the company, I’ve been waiting forever for the release of FP3 (and then for my current phone to break down, because I don’t change electronics until I have to).

I write fantasy books :books: :sparkles: as often as I can - someday I want to publish them, too - and I love my cat, Secret. :cat2: She’s not really mine, she’s my mother’s, but I borrow her for the time being. I have taken education in several directions, none of it finished - except for the writing course I just took. I’m also a Christian :latin_cross:, and have been my whole life.

Now that I’ve joined the Fairphone forum, I look forward to get to know all of you. :hugs: :sparkles: :sparkles:


Hello everyone !

I’m Soran from France, and happy to see that I am not alone! :blush:
I’m a team leader from a big tech corporation, but always looking out for ethical alternatives in my daily life.

As a zero waste enthusiast and (past) owner of a now dead borrowed phone, I needed a new one in phase with my new way of living and convictions.
I am now the new proud mother of a little Fairphone 3, and loving it so much already! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Looking forward to meet everybody here and I can’t wait to take part of events !
Have a lovely day, please stay hydrated ! :potable_water:


Hello! Lifelong Apple iPhone user here, have been waiting for my old phone to die for two years now so I could switch to Fairphone – been a fan of what they’ve been trying to do in the world since the company started. I worked with Greenpeace for decades and became aware of them when we started campaigning against electronic waste. I now run a small creative agency in Amsterdam working with environmental, animal rights, and humanitarian activists, and do some writing and story work with Fairphone. Totally impressed with the values they aspire to and the work they’re doing to change the industry.

Last Friday morning, my old iPhone 6s wouldn’t boot, wouldn’t restore. I tried my best to resuscitate it – knowing that the best way to keep the carbon footprint down on any phone is to make it last as long as possible. But this one was a brick. I had my new Fairphone on Saturday from BelSimpel. Migrating from Apple to Fairphone was easier, but more time consuming, than I expected: I have to recreate an entire lifestyle in my phone! The first challenge was buying a new one without my bank authorization app. Then the last four days have been an endless stream of realisations of how dependenent I am on a phone for so much of my daily routine. (Hey, how come I didn’t get a warning it was going to rain? Oh, right, I have to install BuienAlert…Can I see the lunar eclipse? Oh, gotta get Star Walk again…) But the transition hasn’t been hard, and the larger Fairphone screen than my old phone is great, and I’m in love with the universal back button (wow! I didn’t want to part ways with the Apple user experience, but this Android feature was a really pleasant surprise. And yes, I just said I’m in love with a button. :nerd_face:) I’m using Alt-C to try to recreate the “Universal Clipboard” feature from the Apple ecosystem. It’s OK… but there’s an extra step before your clipboard is available between devices. Anyone have a better solution? Or any other tips for an Apple transitioner?

So glad to finally be able to say I’m a phone-carrying member of this community.


Welcome to our community! Great write-up of your initiation to Fairphone :+1: :slight_smile:

I just wished I or someone else here could have introduced you earlier to /e/OS which is an alternative operating system for the Fairphone and has a tad bit more of an iPhone graphical user interface. But anyway, I hope you will feel comfortable with your new Fairphone!

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That would be mostly due to the Bliss launcher, which can be installed on any recent Android, so it doesn’t need a whole switch over to /e/ to get the launcher at least.
I’m in the camp of those who don’t like it, but that’s Android for you, there are other options. Here’s some info …


Hi I’m arobbo, currently in Australia.
I’ve registered on the Fairphone forums for one single, simple goal. BRING THE FAIRPHONE TO OZ!
I cannot believe that we aren’t already in the market zone for the company - which clearly has put the “Smart” back into “Smartphone” for all the right reasons. I like to tinker - build my own desktops, repair and upgrade laptops, I love Puppy Linux, my (vintage) 'phones run LineageOS and /e/ - because I make a firm commitment to my role in Earth’s ecosystem and will not stoop to the false economy that currently infects our planet. Bring it on home, Fairphone!
Best Wishes,
arobbo in Australia


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Hi, I’m Erica Garcia from India… Accidentally, got to know about fairphone when crawling the internet. I still don’t know more about this product…However, I hope one day it will reach to the other part of the world and will be a great competitor to all the existing smartphone manufacturers