FP3 Screen dead? Or merely gravely ill?

Ahhhggggggg!!! Screen has frozen… :frowning: Phone seems to respond to button touches (I can feel the vibra) but screen is frozen as shown. Have tried removing the battery, but when I restart, it just reverts back to being frozen (no hint as to whether the android boot sequence is running). I see no other reports of similar here in the Forum.

Note, this also happened two days ago, and after removing the battery and rebooting, it did restart normally… But, today, no such luck.

Any ideas, advice, comments welcome!

This is often labeled “white noise” or “snow” or similar, so that’s what might have returned more search results.

Anyway, the standard recommendation is to unmount and remount the (existing) display module as described here:

Don’t miss the (black) text note in step 9 (plastic clamps). And the right screwdriver (stump) is already in your FP3 box (we’ve actually seen FP3 owners forgetting about that after all that time and buying a new one).


Thank you! Will try this procedure as soon as i can and let you know.

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Did exactly as you suggested - and my FP3 booted perfectly the first time following re-assembly.
Will keep an eye on it and see if the same screen error occurs - if it does, should I assume that the display module is kaput and needs to be replaced?

THANK YOU for the prompt and accurate help!!!


Unfortunately, it’s only a 50:50 chance. In the iFixit teardown (Step 5, photo 3), you can see the two 10x3 contact areas on the display module and the core module that need to establish a proper connection. If the problem reoccurs soon, the ideal approach would be if you were able to test another display module on your phone first (I’m aware this might be difficult to realize). If you don’t know any other FP3 owners nearby who might be willing to let you test their display module on your phone, have a look at

If you’re lucky, there is a Fairphone Angel in your area (although that doesn’t necessarily guarantee either they can make it possible).


Thank you. Will proceed as you suggest…!

In case it might return (don’t hope so) then please continue at: