FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

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Mine has started rebooting on a regular basis as well. I’ve tried a factory reset and it doesn’t seem to help. Its rebooted about 15 times today so far. Last night the touch stopped working so I couldn’t enter my pin after a reboot, it took a lot of attempts before it would respond. Bit dissapointed.

Quick question, does anyone have the Peace of Mind thing on theirs? Mine doesn’t apart from once today when it randomly rebooted I could see it on the start screen and then it went. It’s not in the widget choices either.


One thing you could try: Put the FP2 into flight mode (no phone connectivity) and observe if this impacts the random reboots.

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I couldn’t find the peace of mindwidget either, but I found it after a few days:). In your lockscreen, before you unlock your phone, just tap on the clock. It shows your peace of mind, how long you’ve had your phone and how long your battery will last. Hope this helps.

Thanks for that, I’d just found it. I wondered if it was in the instructions that I didn’t read ;-).

Support advised removing the SIM card and seeing what happens, so far it’s been OK, will try and order a new one and see if it’s better.

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I know of some other devices which had such random reboot issues with “incompatible” SIM cards as well - just try another one before sending the device back.

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New SIM arrived at 12:00, first reboot at 14:30… Hopefully a one off or I think the phone is going to need to go back.

I get random reboots as well when browsing the web, for example the fairphine forum using the opera browser.
happend two times during the last hour.
it happens during i scroll down, suddenly the screen freezes, after a second the phone reboots.

maybe this topic should be moved to the bug report section?

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Sometimes my fb 2 (arrived 3 days ago) shuts down suddenly no matter if I am using currently or not.

I can’t see any regularity.


Same here…

May it’s linked to a full battery? It happens to me mostly when the charging is over but not always.

This seems to be a rather common problem with so many FP2 users reporting it - can this be added to the bug topic?

Has anyone with this problem already contacted the support and has gotten any response?


And by the way when phone reboots the language is changed from french to german… :no_mouth:


yes i contacted support and linked this thread already. no answer until now. i’ll let u know…


I looked for this thread, since I know I saw it before and just experienced my first random reboot. I was on the phone on my landline and hadn’t used my FP2 for about an hour or so, when I saw the screen lighting up and showing the white FP logo which then switched to the blue one and then showing the lockscreen. Was the first time (at least that I noticed) in the last 5 days. So I can’t say it’s frequent for me, but a bit curious it is…
My FP2 was at about 10% battery, so I don’t think it has to do with charging it…

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It is the same here. My phone is rebooting after the screen froze when scrolling in any app.
There is no pattern. It occured several times in the first days. Apart from two reboots today nothing like this happened for almost a week.

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I have contacted support and they have been very good, it might take a few days to get a reply though. They have suggested they send me a new phone and I send my old one back when it arrives. I got a txt from DHL that it will be here today.

So I would suggested contacting them as they are very helpful.

With regards to reboots, if you are having a lot of them try the phone without a SIM for a day (if you can) and see if the problem gets better. Mine definitely got better without a SIM, so I ordered a replacement SIM which caused less reboots.


hmm… i’m curious if they’ll suggest me to change the phone too…

I had a similar problem with a different Android phone, but I was able to fix it, so I might just suggest one thing : plug it on ADB, do an adb logcat and then wait for the reboot to happen. Then you will be able to examine the log to check what happened at the time of the crash.

(ie, on my phone it was a script running anytime I connect to a new WiFI network to check if it’s a captive portal or not and display an icon. I disabled this function which I anyway don’t find very useful, and the issue disappeared.)

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Support just offered to send me a new phone… Offer that I took (obviously) even though I hate having to reconfigure everything.

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same here

I got my FP2 since 2 weeks, it works Quote well but every day at least once the screen freezes and the phone reboots by itself. Today it happened 3 times. Its always in very different situations…does anyone else have this Problem? can you help me?