Still encountering random reboots


this is about a problem that right now occurs on my 2nd/ exchange FP2 already… Background: About 1/2 year into using my FIRST FP2 (which I had pretty much received the day of its release), my phone started to reboot for no apparent reason, every couple of days, then more than once a day, and constantly at last. ( I heard this is - unfortunately - a common problem with FP2, though still unsolved.) Sadly, it seems the problem persists on my exchange phone as well.

At the time of the exchange, I had already communicated with FP support for a couple of weeks, trying to find the reason for those random reboots, but at last I had to exchange my device. I had previously reinstalled the original settings twice (i.e. done the factory reset), but after a couple of weeks, the rebooting problem usually reoccurred.

FP was finally willing to exchange the device, but even with that one, the problem seems to persist: Again after six weeks into the installation procedure, random reboots occur. I have tried to rule out well-known options like google maps. What I DO encounter right now, though, is that every time the phone reboots it has encountered connectivity pproblems with my local provider (Drillisch/ O2).

Does anyone have any advice on that?
Thanks in advance!

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