Phone reboots when dropped slightly - should i contact support?

A few weeks ago, my fairphone 2 (Fairphone Android 1.4.2) started rebooting everytime on slight shocks, e.g. when I dropped it from 5 cm onto a wooden table. Lately it also started rebooting even from just taking it out of my pocket or putting it on a table. Every 5 or so reboots, the “Android is Starting” “Optimizing App x of xxx” shows up, which makes the phone basically unusable.

I could not figure out what it could be, it did not start after an update or a heavy drop (I handle my phone carefully). The sudden reboot is reproducable reliably by droping it (from 1 cm) vertically on one of the edges. Very early after I recieved the Fairphone, I noticed a really slight noise when shaking it, like a loose part, might this issue be connected to the reboots?

What I have tried so far (Following advice of these pages: General Troubleshooting, Random Reboots )
Took out all sim and sd cards
Performed a Hard Reset
Opened FF2, took out all the modules and put them back in (in case there was a loose connection)

none of it made any difference. It seems to me that it’s a hardware issue.
should I contact support? can I try something else?

Thanks for your help.

If it still reboots without the SIM card in it I’d contact support.

This didn’t solve the issue, so you have to send the phone back and get a new one.


I remember posts in the forum that report a slightly loose battery which led to reboots. In some cases stabilizing the battery (or rather filling the gap) with a sheet of paper seemed to help.
For sure not what you’d call an elegant solution but maybe a temporary workaround which might be worth a try.


I’ve the same problem.
Any new ideas or feedback from the support?

@BeMiGro This fix seems to work! Thank you so much for saving me a LOT of trouble (waiting for support, sending the phone in etc)!!

Note: I remember that I might have bent the battery connectors too much when I took the mainboard out and put it back in. So this is my own fault, not a design flaw of the Fairphone 2.

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