🇬🇧 🇩🇪 Phone constantly reboots, turns off, reboots - Ständig aufeinanderfolgende Reboots

So I’m completely unable to use my phone at the moment. When charging, it turns on, makes a short hum sound, flashes the Fairphone logo, and then turns off. And then immediately turns on again and goes through the same cycle again. If I take it out of the charger, it just does this until it runs down.
I have tried taking the battery out and putting it back in again. I even changed the battery for a new one because three weeks ago it was turning off and then turning on again from time to time. I have also followed the advice about removing the simcard to see what happens. I have also tried charging it with different leads and cables, in case it was a charging issue. But the problem is just the same.
So the Fairphone is currently unusable. It’s one of those problems where it probably needs a service engineer who understands the phone better than I do. Even though Iive in London, I don’t think such people exist. Grateful for any advice before I give up on it and go and buy a commercial Android phone.

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Just guessing from the “new” battery: We are talking about a Fairphone 2?

If so, you could take the case off the phone and try again to see whether the trouble is caused by one of the buttons.

They do. They call themselves Fairphone support :wink: , and calling them might get you faster results than e-mail. Perhaps the issue is even covered by warranty?

And there’s also a local Fairphoner in London, and here is a UK community, so perhaps there’s help nearby.


Thanks, AnotherElk. ! Have just taken off (new hardshell) case and
put it back on carefully, and it may have fixed the problem.


You might be interested in physically swapping the power and camera buttons, which has helped a lot of people with slim case + power button problems already (including me) …

Or you could contact Fairphone, they acknowledged this problem …

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Ich habe nach eine Update das gleiche Problem. Das FP2 lädt immer wieder neu und der Bildschirm erscheint nicht. Was kann ich tun?

Update von was zu was?

Was hast Du schon versucht? Hast Du es schon ohne Hülle versucht?
Welche Hülle hast Du, den alten Bumper oder das neue Slim Case?

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