Sudden freeze and restart several times a day

I have a very annoying issue with my Fairphone. It freezes and restarts at odd moments, a couple of times a day.

Most often it happens when it’s being used, but sometimes I find that it has restarted itself after not being in use for a while. Despite that it restarts when idle, I suspect that it in most cases has to do with being under heavy load (by this phone’s standards), since it often happens when running several apps at a time, or using the camera when something else is running. After a restart the battery is noticeably drained.

When the problem first appeared I’m not sure of, but it was some time after I got a new display module, so I think it has persisted for a few months. I regularly run CCleaner and Greenify, which I also did before this problem appeared. My FP2 is rooted, with TWRP, Xposed framework and Gapps installed. It’s on update 17.03.0, the problem was present on at least the previous two updates as well. The problem is very frustrating because I can’t seem to identify anything I’m doing differently from before it started.

I have experienced unwanted reboots before, resulting from the battery losing its connection to the pins in the battery hold, but I fixed this by jamming a strip of paper in at the bottom of the battery.

Does anyone have any idea on how to find out what’s wrong?

Ah sorry guys. Just found this topic on it FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

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