Wifi not working

I have never mentioned it before but the wifi reception on my FP2 has never been good. It drops out and loses connection quite a lot at home, does not pick it up at all at work. Sometimes it is so bad I have to use 4G. Nothing to do with my home wifi as it is fine with the rest of my devices…

I also have to use the 4g … but I used all my datas in 14 days…

I had a disconnection problem when I visited my brother. He has a 2,4 GHz and a 5 GHz Wi-Fi network and I only knew the password of the 2,4 GHz, but my FP2 would prefer the other one (or the router insisted on it…). So I set it to 2,4 GHz only in Settings --> Wi-Fi–>[menue]–> Advanced–> Wi-Fi frequency band.
Maybe it could help you to play around with these settings.

I read that last week on forums, I tried to set the frequency on 2,4, I tried on 5 but it still doesn’t work… I tried everything I read on the internet, I tried to change the slot of the card, I tried to check in my internent box… I tried to call the support but they are unreachable.

have you tried to use your phone without any SIM card to access WiFi?

Hi Werner. Not yet, I’ll try now and let you know.

still doesn’t work…

Does this problem occur with any Wifi or only with a single one?

that occurs with all the wifi.

In that case I would recommend to contact again the Fairphone Support team.

Maybe it could help to check the WiFi Module pin connection. But you have to disassemble and reassemble your phone:

Now that I removed my SIM card and put it back it seems it doesn’t recognize it anymore :sob:

what am I supposed to do? How could I check it?

Hi Alice,
sorry that you are having such troubles with your phone.

I hope some of these advices help:

  • Did you try both SIM card slots?
  • try to clean softly the contacts of your SIM card
  • try it in another phone (if available)
  • reboot your phone

In the forum I’ve read about old SIM cards which can cause problems. What provider do you have and how old is this SIM card?

Thank you werner

My sim card work in the other slot now. But wifi still doesn’t work.

As far as I know the SIM slots and Wifi parts are placed on on module:

(step 13)
so maybe this part of your phone has a hardware issue.

I had the support by e-mail, I’ll have to return the phone… I hope I won’t stay long without a phone I’m a bit worried I received my Fairphone with 2 month late…

Most of the warranty replacements I’ve read about on the forum have been quite fast after support has authorised a return, so it shouldn’t take months this time around.

@Alice2412 Hey, Alice! I would like an update about your phone, if you can. Did you managed to solve the problem? How long did they took to return your phone? I am interested because I am having problems with wifi connectivity aswell. Thank you.

Hi ! Wifi works now! But I have other issues with my phone, such as frequents reboots or black screens…

@Alice2412 please check the #blackscreenguide. And for the reboots continue here.