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meine tickets nr. sind #103720 #110063 #114782

hey thanks for the help :slight_smile: my ticketnumber is :#118149.

Hey :slight_smile:
I got my phone in june, it worked for about 3 weeks without no problems. Since the 06. July I have no signal on my phone. I couldn´t find a solution on the Forum so I sent on the 10. July the first research. 6 Days ago I sent a new message in the conversation and I don´t know if I got a new ticket nr. for it. @anon48893843 the ticket nr. from my first request was 115369.
I hope you can help me soon because my phone is more broken than it works since I got it. I´m honestly disappointed…

@anon48893843, I’ve sent a support request (#112715) 1 month ago and didn’t get any answer untill yet… In the meanwhile, new problems came up (all mentioned in additional posts in the request). Thanks for your answer!

thank you very much @anon48893843 ticjet number : #114021.

in short : , the mic has stopped working with no impact or drop etc . it only crackles . main concern is that we have faced an emergency and needed to conctact using the phone but since the sensor isnt working i cant turn the speaker on during a call as well which makes the phone unusable .

i dont mind the sensor but please help me with the mic. thanks , Liran

Hi there!

My ticket number is #112520. I wrote to support over a month ago because my phone keeps rebooting all the time which makes it more or less unusable.
In the meantime I did all the steps suggested here FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help apart from taking the phone apart (I don’t have a tool for it). Nothing helped.
There doesn’t seem to be a pattern in the rebooting-behaviour. It does happen almost every time when I use the camere (which, really, I can’t use any more), but also during phone calls, when it just rebooted (nothing started yet), when I’m sending messages - whatever. Sometimes it doesn’t reboot all the way but freezes in the “starting screen” - the phone gets extremely hot than.

I used to be happy with my phone and really do support the whole ideology behind it but I’m not a techie and can’t fix it myself - I need a support that does its job @anon48893843.

Thanks for your help and regards from Switzerland!

Hi Fairphone support.

I just want to mention that my problems with my fp2 – as described in ticket #110545 – mean that I cannot use it at the moment – so I would really appreciate some help with that…

“dead” areas on the touchscreen + almost permanent ghost touches.


@mowgli This is a pubic forum where the community can help each other and discuss all things Fairphone.

@Lidwien is a community member just like you and is doing a great job at keeping this forum great! Please contact support directly with your questions and we do our very best to help everyone.

As you noticed this is very problematic and causes very big annoyances for many of Fairphones customers. But this is not something other community members can or should be held responsible for.

We receive your messages, no messages are lost. We try to answer them as soon as possible; sending multiple messages causes more delay and consumes more time.


Hello @anon48893843 maybe you didn’t see it, but I replied and am still waiting for an answer on Ticket number is #106877

My phone is more or less broken after 3 months of use. Tried to write to your support but didn’t get an answer for a month now. Now I have to buy a new phone soon, even if I had bought an iphone it would have lasted longer than 3 months. I don’t have the money to waste over 500 euros for a phone not working. Would be nice to get an answer on #113557 & #113555 @anon48893843 . Thanks in advance.

Hello @anon48893843 ,

My ticket is the number #117266.

It seems that I don’t wait as long as other, but I assume my issue is easy to resolved as it is just the same as @nicka (request # 115677 FP2 will not charge its battery). I have the same
symptom, tried the same things (cables, chargers, battery off, and so
on) but nothing works. I think I ended up with a broken battery or
bottom module (and after seeing the results of my charging attempt, it
appears to be likely the bottom module)…
Could you please send me the two parts so I can test whether it’s the battery or the module that make my FP2 charging in fault.
As Nicka said “You know what … we need an external battery charger device!”
(maybe something with 3d print and buyable local parts… )
Thanks in advance.

Just wanted to say that my support request has now been solved, my replacement phone works perfectly, it’s so nice to have back! Thank you for sorting that out.

Support might take a while to get there, but they did solve the problem, so I’m happy.

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I got my FP2 end of Febuary.
Since the beginning, I noticed that the sound quality during calls was never ideal. But it got worse and worse.

Now, all my phone conversation are really bad, like with bad connection, but always, even if I have full connection.
Most of the time I hear a static noise overlapping the voice of the other person (the other peron can hear me fine most of the time), and sometimes the voice is almost not audible, even if speaker is on highest volume. I have to put on the loud speaker in order to understand anything.

Strangely, the sound quality when playing music, watching videos etc. is completely fine,

I can only conclude that the internal speaker is broken.

I already contacted the support team twice, without any answer so far.
I am just interested if anyone has experienced the same problems and what he/she did about it.


Support will need your ticketnumbers to help you further. Please place your ticketnumbers here.

Where do I find my ticket number?

I’ve been waiting for a response since 16th June… I see you have a backlog, but some response would be welcome… at least I would feel I exist for you! Ticket number #110555.

Normally when you place a request through the support page you get an automatic reply which includes your ticketnumber.

Hi @anon48893843

Me again… :slight_smile: Support ticket #115698 - I followed the procedure via the return portal. DHL successfully picked up the phone. Everything looked good so far - but now my RMA activity vanished from the returns portal. RMA ID was 101220947762. I am a bit worried about my FP2 having turned from a dead FairPhone to a lost FairPhone… :sweat:

Some status update would be fantastic.

Thank you very much & best regards,

*** UPDATE - Thank you Michiel for your quick response, awesome! ***

Prioritizing seems not to work well.
I have severe problems with erratic touchscreen-behaviour, see https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=w-GfB1lrj1c and https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UDxDxGyhabA making the phone partially unusable.
The ticked (Request #106175) is now open since May 22, which is over two month ago: I have not heard a single word from fairphone.
I also filed a bug against support (Request #115083) which, of course, is unanswered too.

My ticketnumber 118149