Support request not answered yet

Hi, I’ve raised a support ticket 2 weeks ago and get now answer since then. How about the flu Backlog?

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I would suggest to place a direct call to them and ask about your ticket.

After several people told me i should ask my questions directly to the support - I did - 14 days ago… waiting with you in line I guess. :rage:

If anyone cares… its ticket #86560

I also wrote them on the 4. February. In the confirmation mail it said, it could take up to 8 working days till they answer. Now it’s been 16 working days and I still have no answer.
I can imagine, they’re pretty bussy at the moment. Especially since they still seem to have some delivery issues.

Same for me. I simply asked for an update on their work (or not) on an official rooted ROM. That was 2 weeks ago… Even in a relatively small company, customer support and logistics are 2 different services so delivery issues should not impact on their after sales support staff.

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If you haven’t seen it already: there are news in the FPOSOS matter: Fairphone Open OS roadmap discussion

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I looked through my email, remembering I still had an open ticket as well. In October last year, it took em 2 weeks to respond. My ticket from Feb 8 hasn’t been answered yet though. I’ll wait…

@fgaine @Eagle5 @sky You mind consider to call them or send a PM to @anon48893843

I did write to you but i did not get an answere

I moved your post here, as it deals with support being slow.

The forum is a community effort, so official answers will only come from support. That being said: Support appears to be busy/understaffed, so it can take a while for them to get back to you. The title of the original post suggest you want to return the phone in the 14 day period. If you notified them that you want to return the phone in the 14 day period then it should be fine, regardless of when they answer your request - the phone does not need to reach them in that period.

A better title would be “support request not answered yet

They have some backlog at the moment, as already mentioned, so let’s just give them some time. I am also waiting with you guys for my request ^^

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That’s ok with me. I’m in no hurry.


I have received my Fairphone 2 two weeks ago. While I am doing my first call I am hearing an annoying sound in the earpiece… I’ve contacted the support two weeks ago but I’ve received no answer yet… Can someone tell my how to contact the team of the Fairphone? I am from Austria and don’t want to call them :wink:

Yours sincerely

Sofar i have written the customer suppert three times in the last 5 weeks…

first asking questions about the delivery, than about how i could cancel my order, and in the end demanding a cancel of my order, for it is not possible to cancel it myself.

so far no answer. i’ve had it. good intentions by fairphone are great, but their customer support is shit.
for 530,- thats kind of embarrassing.

i never got an update concerning the changing of their back covers to blue for most customers.
i dont care about the colour, but would have liked to be informed.
i never got an update about the 1-month-delay of my phone. just found out after checking my order on the website
thanks for not telling me anything!

i no longer want that phone. i would like to spare fairphone and myself the work and money to send the phone back and forth.
but they dont answer.

if anyone cares anylonger (i know i do):
Support ID: 91073 , 89368 , 85398
have not been answered, and would very much like to be so.
fairphone, i know what your trying to do is cool and all that, but i have lost my trust, sorry.
writing even automated emails should be just too easy.

as for everybody else, just buying a used phone saves a lot more resources than fp2…and money. so go for that instead.

quite disappointed,

I made a support request last weekend and I am posting to this thread also in case it speeds up the response. I requested a refund and order cancellation for an already paid order and I’m hoping that they are able to respond before the phone gets sent.

Support request is #XXXXX if someone from the staff happens to see this post. It would be a shame if the order gets delivered just to be sent right back.

Edit: My refund request got answered yesterday so I’m deleting the request number. It took 2 working days for me.

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as the support did not answer my request for 2 weeks now, it is obsolete.

How can I discard a request?

I think this might reduce the workload in support.

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Dear Fairphone: I fully understand this busy/understaffed topic, that’s really a challange. But please comunicate to us. Something like this is a very good example.

Just to clear up a potential misunderstanding - the moderators on the forum aren’t Fairphone employees. As such, we don’t have direct influence on what Fairphone does, nor do we generally know more than what is posted here on the forum. By concentrating issues such as support request issues into one topic and bringing those topics to the attention of staff, there’s more chance that an issue gets picked up.

I like the suggestion of having a ‘delivery’ update about support tickets, if it doesn’t take too much time away from actually looking into support requests. Maybe @anon90052001 or @Douwe can look into this.
Hopefully the upcoming software update and the tips series on the blog will help reduce the load on support as well.

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Thanks for notifying, I’m closing the request. Let us know if you have any further questions!

Hey, if you let me know the request number, I can find you in our system!