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If you want to repair your phone, you don’t need to fill the form. This is only if you want to send your phone back and get a refund.

Hey - I got problems with my fairphone after using it for a while … two weeks ago I sent a request for returning the phone and getting another one instead, but I didn’t get an answer until now. For the moment I am using my old phone and the Fairphone is just lying around…

After recieving a pretty unstable FP2, and requesting advice for two weeks, I returned my FP2 now more than two weeks ago.
At the returns center the status says now it’s “processed”.
I didn’t recieve any money or even a reply, that you recieved the phone.
My dialogue on facebook with Phillippe has been edited.
I could not log into this forum with my usual password. Now I’m logged in through google+.
Please let me know, what’s going on???
RMAref: 101220906623

Dear @anon48893843 could you please look into my Ticket 92377
I received answers on another ticket but my repair request seems to be ignored for more than one month now.
My fairphone turned completely unusable because of the touchscreen issues.

Our apologies for the late reply. We will answer today to make sure you have a properly working FP2 as soon as possible!

Ticket - No .:
This is a follow-up to your previous request # 87595 "Return of Fairphone 2 "

what kind of a terrible support …

on 02/15/2016 I have initiated the return of my Fairphone

on 27/02/2016 I handed it DHL

on 16/03/2016 I received the message that it has been received and the purchase amount will be refunded within 5 working days ( PayPal )

on 04/06/2016 and 12/04/2016 I inquired via email , to date I have received no response and no money .

What can or should I do about that?

Hey, we are sorry for the inconvenience, something must have gone wrong (obviously). I will make sure you will receive a solution from us today! Thanks for your patience. Michiel

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OK, Thank you, Money is back now!

Hi @anon48893843
I just sent a return request for my FP2 today (#102126) and the 14-day period will be expired next days. As response time seems to be very long, could you give me asap instructions (delivery adress, process steps…) for the return ?

Thx in advance.

Hey there! I just sent you the instructions, make sure to let us know if anything is unclear.

@anon48893843 thx ! Request submitted !

Hi @anon48893843
I formulated a problem issue after trying to start my Fairphone (#100994, seeing only pixel confetti). Since I received no feedback on this ticket yet I created a return ticket: #102966 since the 14-day period will expire soon.
By the way: timeout for
I ask you to send me instructions (delivery address, process steps…) for the return directly as soon as possible.

Many thanks!

Don’t worry, as long as you let them know that you want to return it for a refund withing the 14 days, they’ll honour the request (i.e. receipt of notification counts (which you’ve done) rather than receipt of phone at their end):



Hi I sent an email for (sadly) return my FP2, ticket number #114814.
I was supposed to receive an automatic reply with the instructions but I got no reply.
The problem is that I’ll leave next Friday so I got just the next week to send it back. Otherwise everything will become more complicated… I wish you could let me know something soon. Thank you very much,

Hey Francesco, I just replied to your message. Sorry for the long wait!

Thank you for the attention.
Not a long wait but the next week I’ll leave so everything will be more difficult. I wish to receive the instructions around Wednesday.

Hi, I need to send back my FP2, it was supposed to be a bussiness phone and that is never going to happen. There are various bugs, most importantly the screen does all sort of thinks and stays black or all stripy or dotty when turning it on. I don t get answers from the support since weeks (I think the homepage didn`t even deliver it).
1FP21FPHN03-02A, 800000412
How do I send it back? Is it possible to get my money back after about 2 months? Even though I think this is the coolest project I can make a donation of over 500€, I need a working phone. The forum doesn t help to believe in it and I won try 3 or 4 phones. I think it is unfair for the customers to sell such a faulty device and not provide sufficent customer service.

Hi, me too… I also experienced troubles with my FP2 (screen got crazy, started to flitter, apps activated, … phone is not usable anymore). I communicated about my issue June 25 2016 but except automatic reply I did not get any feedback. Went on forum, checked for solutions, nothing helped. I addressed again about issue on July 14 2016, and here again no support. I am new in the FP community, I like a lot the spirit of this great ethical idea, but I must also say that my first impression is negatively impacted.
Dear FP team, may I ask you to take contact with me in order to go for a phone return under warranty, thanks

Support is overworked and has a huge backlog. You can call them to speed it up, or post your ticket number here.

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