Address for return

Hi! Does anybody know the adress for returning the phone? “Support” does not reply and I’m running out of the 14-day Periode. Thanks!

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I would hope that if you have raised a request stating that you want to return your phone within the 14 day period then the fact that they haven’t replied shouldn’t matter.

Obviously I don’t know for sure, but it would seem out of character for Fairphone.

When you contacted them did you select “Return (Within 14 Days)” as a category?

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I called Fairphone about this and I am pretty sure they will look into this.
(I live in the Netherlands so calling is easy for me.)


Hey @Picard74,

Our apologies for not replying, we are a bit too busy at the moment. I have just sent you an email, for further questions please reply there. Thanks for your patience.

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Hi Michiel,
I am also waiting that the support is reacting on my return request since over one week. May by you could also send me a massage with the procedure.

Thanks for the heads up Lidwien, it is appreciated!


Yes, will make sure that happens today! And also, apologies for the late reply.

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Thanks for your assistance.


I’m also awaiting a reply from support for a return. Is there something that I can do to accelerate?

Yes, send a private message to @anon48893843 using this forum.

Thanks for your help (though it seems that as a new user to the forum, I do not have access to private messages)

I hope that there aren’t too many like me, fair phone is a good project

I will do it for you. Mind you, it is weekend now, so it will not for Monday before you get a respond.

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Hej Michiel,

please expedite my request for return.
Please refer to Zendesk request #78260 of 01JAN2016 - sitting there since two weeks now.

Thanks, Achim

Achim, our apologies for the late reply. A flu epidemic at the support team is making our lives a bit harder at the moment! But I’ve just sent you the email with all the instructions you’ll need to make the return happen. Let me know if anything is unclear!


Dear Michiel,

could you send that email also to me? I’m so sad I have to return it, but I have no choice.
Many thanks,


Hi Michiel, because nobody cares about my problems with my FP2 I want to give it back and I also want my money back. How to do this? I´m realy sorry but I don´t have to time to wait longer.

The reason why:
I cannot install any app - but it was possible for one short time. Different people tried to help me. I also asked android for support. But they can´t help me. They refered me to you.

Problems list:
1.) no apps can be installed … your are waiting and waiting … waiting for download. Nothing is happens!!
2.) Wavering backlight @ automatic brightness adaption
3.) poor pictures/images with the cam
4.) Nobody cares
5.) I hope there not more of them…
Ref # 80060

is it still necessary, to post to this thread?
i have to say, i think its rather complicated to have to register to three forum-versions and services to request a return adress…

Request #81461

its a pity, but my order was fulfilled with bad omen:
the packaging was dirty, the paper-filling was broken.
after starting the fp2, i entered my data and put it on my charging device but the phone battery isnt loadable, it just reboots sometimes when it wants and no button was pressed and i cannot get it to startscreen again.
(there is even my data on this phone, now, and no way to wipe it?)
i would like to return it within 14 days with requesting full refund.
can you give me a printable return sticker, or the correct adress, please, and inform me about steps to do?
i will send it back in original packaging, as i got it.

please give me the return adress and details

Sorry nobody has gotten around to answering your ticket! I will send you some answers and instructions on how to send your phone back right away.

Hi Spueli, weclome to the forum! You could give solving the issues a try before returning the phone, if you want to. :slightly_smiling:

This seems to be a new issue here in the forum (at least to my knowledge). Did you try a hard reset?

Do you mean the screen flickering? A fix will be available with the first software update. The workaround at the moment is to not set the brightness to the lowest level or automatic adaption.

I think the support team does care, but you may need a bit patience. Additionally, the forum community is very active and you’ll find plenty of help here.

This will foreseeably not change in the near future (if ever). If you can arrange with that when the other issues get fixed, you could consider keeping the phone. If, however, this is a No-Go for you, returning may be the way to go.

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You can wipe your data by accessing the recovery.
Hold volume up + power button at the same time for a few seconds until the phone starts booting, this will bring you into the recovery mode. Beside wiping your data you could also do a reset there and try to start the phone again.
I know it takes a long time on the first boot, which is presumably because the system and all the apps are set up.

This sounds actually like a server side problem with Google Play Store. From time to time I run into that as well, that apps are not starting to download after you click install. Usually I just went back there a bit later.

Another issue could be that you already disabled the privacy impact feature. Maybe this could help.