FP2 random reboots - see #rebootsguide for help

Upgraded to 1.5.1, but ‘usual’ crash (using app, screen went black, phone nonresponsive until 15s push on power button) happened a couple of hours later. So it’s not fixed…

AAAnd it crashed, but got quite warm again, so in the Freezer it goes :smiley:

Hahaha, wonderful post; sums up the hopelessness of the situation brilliantly. I guess I’ll try to update to 1.5.1, keep my phone in the freezer and contact the FP2 support :slight_smile:.

EDIT: After three or four unsuccessful tries to update via the updater, I succeeded to install 1.5.1 manually after two tries. I experienced no problems using the updater before installing 1.4.2, which might suggest that this too is linked to the reboot problematique. 1.5.1 doesn’t seem to be an improvement however, still experiencing reboots, loss of signal, having to enter pin code again and frequent app crashes. All in all a highly unstable phone, which in fact is a catastrophe. Contacting support now.

I wholeheartedly agree with msmaki below; how can this not be on the bug list? There should be a warning that this could happen while updating. “A more secure Android version” is not better than an unusable phone imo.

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I send my support request on that issue 3 weeks ago and still have not gotten any reply yet. :frowning: Will now try posting the # as suggested. However, I also do not understand why this issue is not on the bug list. I can barely use my phone anymore. From random freezing and shut-downs it now went into rebooting almost every time I touch it. It cuts off phone calls, the alarm is not ringing and I overslept because of this… As a strong supporter of the FP I have to admit I am extremly disappointed.


Same here, installed the latest update and the phone still crashes randomly. I wonder how the big reseller react on this issue…why isn’t it on the bug list… Or maybe they are the reason?!?

Opened a ticket two weeks ago, no reaction yet… Am I supposed to write here also…? [quote=“paulakreuzer, post:288, topic:11553”]
Please post your request number here. You’ll get a reply soon.

This has been discussed a million times already. In short: It’s (very most likely) not a bug, therefore it’s on the #commonissues list. Search the forum if you want more info on this.

Not here, but there. Posting your request number there usually results in an answer from support within the next workday.


Hi everyone, I’ve had my phone for a few days now and have the same issue with random freeze and reboot. (EDIT! Config: FPOS 1.5.1, one sim and no sdcard)

For me the freeze and reboot comes after using the phone either for a long time and/or using memory-heavy apps like google maps.

After reading this thread from top to bottom and with my prior knowledge in tech I’ve decided to go on the memory-issue line in my case. Why some have it and others don’t is a mystery but with the facts added up this seems to be the possible reason for many of us that share the same description of the problem. Guess there is a dozen other errors that all lead to the same pain but I’ll dig into this specific one as it’s the one I have.

I’m currently keeping the phone clean from cache data as well as keeping a constant eye on the RAM usage. So far no reboot.

Before doing what I currently do I tested hard reset, no 4G and no sim of which nothing helped at all. Hard reset made it go longer before first reboot which led my attention to cache data and memory as that’s two things that build up over time of usage.

I’ll keep you informed on my progress in making an attempth in hunting this issue down.

PS. I love my FP2. The potential is huge and comparing it to other devices using geekbench it has some real power under the hood when taking into consideration what it is and what it stands for!


In my work, a “Common issue” that happen to a lot of users, and have a specific, reproducible scenario that can happen in real life is called a Bug. What is the definition at Fairphone ? i’m curious…

So, as the “Random reboot”(not so random for this case) have a very clear and obvious relation with the GPS (I explained in details how to trigger it, and gathered all the people ho already reported this bug : Thread )
The question “why is it not on the bug list ?” is very good indeed…
So, i hope that one day, Fairphone Devs will stop having an ostrich-like approach and seriously try to invest this problem, its getting annoying !

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Well you convinced me that rebooting while using GPS is likely a bug, but let’s be honest: Most random reboots reported here in this way longer thread don’t seem to be related to GPS.
I moved your GPS thread into #software:bug-reports and will put it on the #bugslist::tag.

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Not a good idea! When you take it out, the temp. diff. may lead to condensation and/or create humidity inside, potentially leading to damage of the electronics. Also fridge is not a good idea, as fridges have high humidity inside as well.[quote=“Gerrit_Grosskopf, post:298, topic:11553”]
also i bought a replacement sim since the crashes seemed to be related to the sim, now sometimes theres 2 icons of sims

Is this replacement SIM for the same contract? Not sure if that is a good either, to place two SIM for the same contract inside, as I could imagine (though I don’t know how Android reacts to is) this may cause a conflict.

Luckily i noticed that quick, realy dumb idea, but did no damage on the Phone and at 20 degrees it still crashed, right now i’m thinking if the Battery went bad or the Graphicscarddriver did something similar to the RX480 Driver that at peak powerconsumtion the Battery just can’t deliver that much through the given rails, but no hardwarefiddeling from my side :smiley:

So i should get another Contract so that my Phone works? weird, but i’ll try some stuff with cheap prepaidcards or cards from friends, fixing this is getting expensive :frowning:

No that is not what I meant. I am sorry, I may have misunderstood you: The way I read it was that you have two SIMs in your phone, both on the same contract (i.e. with the same number). That’s what I thought I don’t know if it would work. :slight_smile:

No i think there might be another misunderstanding, i only have one sim in the Phone, jet sometimes it shows 2 of those empty triangles, meaning that 2 simcards would have no connect even though there is only one in the phone and only one in the sim configuration :slight_smile: phew

I meet again (back) random reboots since 1.5.1 :frowning:

I had no problem anymore with previous versions…

My testing with clearing cache data and monitoring the RAM didn’t help finding a reason. When using the phone during an extended time using chrome or youtube also triggers the phone to freeze and reboot. So there absolutly has to be something building up over time causing this issue. Heat or somekind of process. Using google maps makes the freezing and reboot happen alot faster for me.

I will continue to investigate this as it’s a bit annoying that we can’t use the phone to it’s full potential.

Got a Samsung today, sorry folks, but this is too much for too long, these reboots are unbearable. Had a FP1 which stuck at android 4 and hoped for improvement with my FP2.
A product isn’t fair if it isn’t reliable,


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Sorry guys, but i didn’t pay €500 and more, to get a phone that doesn’t work!
I’m happy to support such a project, as i said,but i except a partial refound at least.

Sooo I did a factory/hard reset and it made things worse. Cannot get past the startup screen, due to a very frequent “Unfortunately, Google Services has stopped” error message and occasional reboots. Too bad. Google Play services was also a major factor causing the reboots before I did the reset.

Fairphone is very transparent in terms of where the phone comes from and where the money goes. If you look at the cost breakdown for the Fairphone 2, you’ll note that they need to sell 140,000 phones per year to stay financially independent. So that’s a slight hint of what their financial situation looks like and in such a state.

A good idea and transparency does not automatically make a perfect product. To some extend, even Fairphone has to make compromises and so did we when we bought this phone. According to Fairphone there are only four people in charge of the support, where tickets reach them from all over Europe. That is a heavy work load in my opinion.

If your complaint is justified, it will be handled accordingly, I’m certain about that. But instead of raging, remind yourself that you want to support the idea. And every single step, however small, can help to do that if it is in the right direction:

Helping people in the forum, exchanging experiences, giving detailed information about bugs, hardware errors, suggestions for improvements, searching and thinking before posting (to prevent duplicate posts and unnecessary support e-mails) etc. - all this helps to improve the product and push the project.