Support request not answered yet


i have already received an answer yet, my fairphone will be handled as DOA.

Thx & YS

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I received my PF2 more than three weeks ago. Unfortunately the volume down button is not working and contacted support immediately. They have not answered yet. This is ridiculous to be honest, how can it take more than three weeks to respond to a support request!?!?!

When can I expect a response?
Does anyone else had received a damaged FP2 and managed to have it repaired?


Hey Moritz, sorry for not replying to your requests. I will make sure we will offer you a fitting solution today.

@anon48893843 I am too waiting for a response… since February 10, 2016 16:42 :neutral_face:

My request hasn’t been answered in three weeks (#90984), any decision made to de-prioritize it should have been communicated to me. If on the other hand the request hasn’t even been looked at, a query of unanswered support requests and an automated message to all these requests communicating further delays would do wonders in terms of getting users on your side (easily done on Zendesk!!).

Very poor performance from the Fairphone support team.

On the 7th of March I have submitted request #91834 regarding the screen of my fairphone showing coloured stains when the screen is black with the backlight on. In a second request I shortly noted also having a problem with the screen turning on during phone calls.

So far I only received a standard mail regarding the second issue, asking if I have removed the protective plastic from the screen. No response whatsoever about my broken screen, despite a reminder email. It is very dissapoiniting indeed to see that fairphone support is not only behind schedule, but also dont read the support requests properly. I am starting to wonder if I shouldnt have send the phone back upon noticing the defective screen.

@anon48893843 Hi I’d be grateful for an update on my ticket 92103, it’s been open three weeks and the problem with the phone is major. Thanks.

Hey, I’ll make sure you receive an answer today! Sorry for the delay.

Hey, just answered you, thanks for your patience! And apologies for the late reply.

Hey Joost, our apologies for the late reply and not giving your message a better read. I’m asking Sebastian to help you out as soon as possible.

I contacted support because I now have a completely useless phone laying around at home. The Initial problems with the screen that I thought might be software issues became worse and now the screen is essentially dead.

I reported this to support on the 22nd of February, 5 weeks ago. Very sad about this… My support nr is #88918

What does “Last activity” mean in request status?
i.e. “1 day ago” means it is at least read and sorted?


My phone’s touchscreen is not functional any more and I sent a mail asking where to send to phone to on 21st March. By today this question was not answered either. DOes anyone happen to know where to send the phone for warranty cases?

Or call us: Mon & Tues 10:30 - 18:30 and Wed-Fri 9:30 - 17:30 at +31 (0)20-788 4400.

Hey @Malmqvist, I am sorry to hear your problem with your Fairphone 2.

I answered you already. Sorry for the delay. Things are quite hectic at our office, but of course you should have gotten a reply faster. We are working on improving this, in the meantime: thanks for your patience. Because of unforeseen circumstances we are facing a backlog in answering.

I reported a swevere hardware problem to the support and got an automatic reply containing a link which is supposed to point to my specific request. Instead the link open this Forum page.

Same here. :confused: Beside that, I’ve been waiting for over a month now for those ‘up to 8 working days’ to be over…

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In case writing here speeds up the request, I made my first about a hardware problem (the charging socket seems to be broken) 6 weeks ago and haven’t heard anything since apart from the notification it might take up to 8 days… :unamused:

Hey Rocknrolker, just replied to your ticket. Sorry for the delay!

Hey Michelle, sorry for never answering! I’ve done that just now. Thanks for your patience!