✏ The Forum Guide to... Fairphone Support

This guide is a wiki, you are free to edit/update it using the :pencil2: icon in the bottom right corner of this post. This is a summary collected by user and not official Fairphone content, in any way legally binding in terms of warranty or return policies.

Contacting support

There are different ways of contacting support:

To make the experience as smooth as possible, here are some tips:

  • Soon after you’ve submitted a support request via the support contact form, you will receive an automated response that includes a ticket number. If you can’t find it, check your spam folder. Any further responses are likely to go the same way, so consider adding Fairphone to your contacts list to avoid missing out on the actual answer to your request later.
  • Please don’t submit multiple support requests for the same issue. It won’t speed up your answer, but it does mean that support will need to spend more time on handling pointless duplicate requests.
  • when you bought the device at a reseller, contact the reseller first, it’s the resellers’ responsibility to help you further
  • when contacting support its best to always have the proof of purchase and IMEI for the phones at hand.

Fairphone Support and the forum

The Fairphone customer support pages can be found here. This is where all the official announcements, guides and tutorials can be found.

To avoid any confusion, note that:

  • Fairphone does not see the forum as an official support channel and rather as a place for discussion amongst Fairphone owners and/or people interested in Fairphone.
  • Although Fairphone staff do occasionally show up on the forum, it is unlikely/impossible that they will read everything that’s going on.
  • The community moderators are not Fairphone staff.

Delays to support and the impact on returns within the 14 day cooling-off period / warranty period / etc.

In case delays do occur to your support ticket - there’s no need to panic, just let support know you have an issue within the relevant period of time. As long as you submitted your support ticket within the 14 days period or within the warranty period, Fairphone will proceed with the necessary steps.
There is a special procedure if the phone doesn’t work when you receive it (dead on arrival; DOA), in which case a 14 day period to report it also applies (see also the returns policy).

Support outside of mainland Europe

Please refer to the returns policy as well as the list of shipping countries for further information.