'Rotate Screen Icon' Animation Repeating (Bug?)

This is a minor issue, but it seems to me like a bug, so I should mention it somewhere:

When rotating the phone with ‘Auto-rotate screen’ off, this little icon appears in a corner, which you can tap to apply the rotation to the screen. On my phone, its animation has started to play multiple times upon appearance, with the number of times increasing on each system restart (as far as I noticed). It has capped off at 5, but still pulls much more attention than it should.

Is there any chance of this getting looked at? Should I be reporting this somewhere else?

Think, this is AOSP and not FPOS speficic

If you would like Fairphone to look at it yes, please use their official contact. Although some Fairphone employees may visit the forum occasionally they are unlikely to view such a topic.

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