DHL default on the website seems to be delivery for companies. Also, there is no answer from support whatsoever

When you order on the website, there is a default delivery and it is not clear you need to choose something. As a consequence, the dhl offered the product on work hours in my residency and as I was not there it is sent to their depo somewhere far away. I tried to contact support per mail, facebook and twitter with no result. The website informs there is no support by phone at the moment.
This all could be avoided by having a clear message on the website.

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This is a community forum. It looks like you want to be heard by the Fairphone support which you should contact having a guide here.

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Fairphone can also improve the website so this does not happen anymore.

I think what @Patrick1 means is you should contact Fairphone support to get the website fixed, as this is a community forum, not the company, and Fairphone staff might occasionally read along and engage here … or not.
You can’t count on it and it’s just not the way it works, so please contact support.


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