Unable to access support ticket anymore

Hi community!
Beginning with today afternoon (approx. 6h ago) I am unable to review the content of my support-ticket (handling about the microSD issues) I’ve created a few days ago.
In my opinion my question has not been answered and hence I am wondering if the ticket has been closed without letting me know?

I’ve received and could access the following website yesterday without any troubles.
Did someone if you experience the same issue?

To write back to us, you can reply to this message or find your request online (Support).

This can really only be answerd by Fairphone Support directly, just remind that this is a user forum only.

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That’s right.
Maybe someone can share his experiences because this was my first fairphone support-request.

I just tried to retrieve my recent Support ticket from last month and I have no problem to view it.

https://support.fairphone.com/hc/requests/123456 (with your ticket number to be found in the automatic email reply from Support)


https://support.fairphone.com/hc/en-us/requests for the overview or your tickets so far.

Needs to be logged in, of course.

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Thanks, everything seems to be as defined in “script”:
I’ve received a ticket number
I have received an initial feedback
There’s just the case that I can’t anymore access the conversation.
Maybe I have to wait some time hence it is a very difficult case.

Thanks for the hyperlink to the guide

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