FP2 Screen can't be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds

Solution: Please follow the official troubleshooting tool.

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Besides a badly calibrated sensor the next most common reason for this issue is dust between the proximity sensor and the screen. For more info check this post.

Cleaning tips:

  • Clean the screen of your phone, especially the part where the proximity sensor is (See here).
  • If that is not enough open up the phone and clean it from the inside.
  • Remove the screen and blow onto the sensor and also wipe the sensor window in the screen assembly from the inside (I used a Q-tip for the window!).
  • Check the functionality of the Proximity Sensor with an app like Sensor Readout.


These should not be necessary anymore. If you cleaned and recalibrated (you may have to do it more than once) your proximity sensor and that didn’t help you may want to contact support.

Use powerbutton to end call

Disable the sensor (found by @guillaume)

Disable the proximity sensor by putting a small piece of aluminium foil on it (picture). It makes the sensor feel that there is always light and the screen never turns off.

Then use the power button to switch the screen on and off.

Original Post:

Hi, I have my Fairphone 2 from Tuesday 5 January. I have a problem: when I make a call, the screen is totally black and it turns “on” only when the people on the other side close the call. When I receive the call, the screen is ok. The problem it’s only when I make the call. So annoying! :frowning:


It seems to be connected with the (faulty?) proximity sensor, about which you find a lot of topics already for the FP1 if you search for it.

I hope anybody can provide a solution for your FP2, but maybe you have bad luck with a faulty sensor?!

Hi, I had this problem, too, and I am not sure if this has anything to do with the proximity sensor. I just rebooted my FP2 and now it’s working! The proximity sensor works like it should do.

If reboot doesn’t work for you, there is at least a small workaround so you don’t have to wait for the other caller to end the call: Go to Settings --> Accessibility and activate “Power button ends calls”. Now you can use the Power button to end calls when you need to.


Thank you therob and AndreasLieser. I’ve followed the indications of AndreasLieser and now I can stop the calls using the power botton, but it’s not a good solution (I consider this solution as an emergency solution, because I want to see all the information on the screen). I’ve payed 525 euros for having a “normal” mobile phone :frowning:


@Simone_Ricotta Have you tried the reboot? For me the reboot fixed it (for now)! And yes, the Power button workaround is just an emergency fix, you are right…

@AndreasLieser Yes, I’ve tried by rebooting for three times, without any success. In one attempt, the screen remains “on” for only one-two seconds, just for a moment. What have I to do? Calling the support team? Asking for a substitution of the phone? :frowning:

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@Simone_Ricotta If the reboot did not fix it for you, I suggest opening a support ticket or file a bug. I think (hope) this is just a software problem, because after the reboot the phone function on my FP2 works as expected and the proximity sensor works fine, too. So there seems to be no hardware problem.

@therob @AndreasLieser I’ve solved the problem :slight_smile: The problem was the tin plastic film on the screen. I’ve removed and everything now it’s ok. I think the film make some problems with the proximity sensor… Thanks for your attention! :slight_smile:


Sometimes (Edit: almost all the time!!) the screen lock during telephone call does not turn off. I then have to remove the back cover and remove the battery in order to reboot the Fairphone 2. All other keys are dead. Is this a software problem or a hardware problem (e.g. the proximity sensor)?

Edit: it appears as if this problem only happens when the call is not answered…

Another Edit: After some tests I’m just pretty sure that the settings for the proximity sensor are way too sensitive. I think there is just some dust blocking the sensor (on the upper left of the display) and that is enough to turn the screen off…

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Hey, I’m sorry you didn’t get an answer for so long. (I have only noticed this topic taday :confused: )

Do you think you can clean it yourself?

Thanks for your reply. I think I should have written „if there is some dust (or a fingerprint) blocking the sensor, it is enough to turn off the screen“. So, I was able to clean it by myself and I wanted to give a hint to other Fairphone 2 – users that might have the same problem. Sorry for the confusion. Anyways, the sensor might be a little bit to sensitive :blush: .


Ok great, so everything works now?

Yes, if I avoid any little fingerprint on the proximity sensor :slight_smile:

I moved our posts here as I think this is the same problem.

Maybe the proximity sensor is extra sensible during calls and therefore reacts even to fingerprints and screen protector foils.
One might argue that this over-sensitivity is a bug. What do you guys think? (Can you reproduce it by smearing the sensor or using a foil?)

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it seems to be the same problem. Just a little smear (e.g. from “face grease” from a previous telephone call) or a fingerprint on the display at the position of the proximity sensor is enough to activate the lock screen. Even holding a finger 5cm away from the proximity sensor activates the lock screen. In the beginning, I thought it was a software bug since, in addition, I had an audio problem. But this was due to a microphone bug in the IPhone that I had used for testing; so this problem has been resolved.

However, I’ve just tested it with a few objects. A (transparent) plastic foil, a greasy finger print, a (transparent) plastic cover or glass are suitable for activating the lock screen with the sensor. Or just holding your finger a few centimeters above the sensor (even in the vicinity of bright light).

My solution for now is to keep the display very clean at all times.

My screen went black while talking when I used headphones/earplugs. even when i disconnected the headphones the screen stays off. Maybe there is a tiny short signal from the headphones port, so the fairphones assumes someone plugged headphones in.
In my case I simply could turn on the screen with the power button although I configured it to end calls.
I think in my case it works as it should. I can wake the screen with the power button and end the call by pressing a second time.
Maybe the problem could be fixed if the srceen turns back on when unplugging a headphone.

Maybe your problem could be connected to this?

I actually don’t have a Problem. I just wanted to point out, that I could turn on the screen with the powerbutton. And maybe there is a connection to the headphones jack

I just had a similar issue:

  • Made a call
  • The person didn’t answer and I ended up on the voicemail
  • I wanted to end the call
  • I removed the phone from my ear, the screen remained black
  • Touching the screen didn’t work, all the physical button didn’t work
  • The call was still going on (and I was being recorded on voicemail), so I had to hard reboot the phone

I’ll try and see if it happens again after making sure nothing blocks the proximity sensor


when i get called, the screen turns black, immediatly as i accept the call, (not because it’s close to my Head) and it is not possible turn it on, except the other person hangs up.

greetings from munich, germany!

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