FP2: Problem with headphones and automatic audio playback [Solved]

Hey guys (and girls),

when I play music on the FP2 using Poweramp and I pull out the headphone cable, playback does not stop immediately or not at all. Instead, the phone starts playing through the loudspeakers which is making me feel uncomfortable in public :stuck_out_tongue:

It should be a software bug as the headphones are detected when being plugged in.

Can someone reproduce this issue, maybe with different music players as well?

[EDIT: If you are experiencing a similar problem, your solution might be in post 17 of this topic.]

Seems like PowerAmp is not a very user friendly App, as also indicated by this topic.

But I’m sure it’s not a Fairphone bug.

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Actually it’s a great app. It was indeed the only one that worked without ANY flaws and played ALL music files (of several different formats) on my old phone. :smiley:

I have the exact same issue with PowerAmp. Thank god it always stopped after 1 second by itself at least. :sweat_smile:

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Ususally it does the same on my phone as well. But yesterday it simply wouldn’t stop until I hit the ‘Pause’-button (The phone was still in my pocket so this took a while) :smiley:

Can somebody reproduce this with different apps, like the built-in music player (which exists?)?
Never had a Problem with the FP1, independently which app I used…

Possible fix - you could buy one of these (or something like it), and manually pause the music before you turn it off and put your headphones away?

But I would not consider it as a fix, as workaround at most, as we should expect it to work for a SMARTphone. Beside it worked without problems with the FP1…

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I can confirm that it works as intended (pull headphones -> playback stops) with the podcast player PocketCasts.

It also works as intended (pull headphones -> playback stops) with podcast player “Podcast Addict”.

I use Apollo for listening to music. When I plug out the headphones the music immediately stops (I don’t hear a noise from the phone’s speakers).

Doesn’t stop the playback when I unplug my headphones using Spotify.

Nice that you contribute to narrow down this problem to either the specific app (PowerAmp only until now), or the FP2s which @huskers and @xaxa own.

But nobody tried the stock music app, or isn’t there any installed to the FP2?

There is the Google Music app. Appearently, Fairphone didn’t install any further multimedia apps than the ones from Google :wink:

Ho, stop! You’re misrepresenting what I was asking. Me not knowing how to activate the lockscreen has nothing to do with the user-friendliness of Power Amp. If anything, it’s about the user-friendliness of the Fairphone manual, not telling how to activate the lockscreen. Or maybe not. Anyway, be careful with drawing definite conclusions on the quality of apps and phones from someone who has been a smartphone user for just one day.

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The stock app (all I’ve used) changes to headphones when you plug them in and pauses the music when you pull the plug out. Software issue not FP2 issue.

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Wow. That was easy. This might be a great information for those experiencing the same problem:

What I did:

  • I disabled the ‘Start Playback on plugging headphone in’ function.
  • I left the ‘Pause on removing headphones’ enabled

What happens:

  • Poweramp stops playback once I pull the headphones just as it’s supposed to.

What I found out/my explanation:

  • When pulling the headphones out, the electrical contact is lost.
  • Once it’s about half way out, contact is established again for about a mm which causes Poweramp with the ‘Start Playback on plugging headphone in’ function to start the playback again.
  • BUT: When you pull the headphones in a normal speed, the contact is lost before the ‘Stop playback on removing headphones’ action can be triggered.
    *The problem does not persist if I remove the headphones SLOWLY.


  • The described problem also appears when plugging the headphones in.
  • When doing it FAST, playback will start through the phone’s loudspeakers while SLOW movement will let the process work as intended.

And finally:

  • I changed my headphone’s 4-pole headset cable for a 3-pole standard audio jack cable (yes, I probably should have mentioned I was using a headset cable with microphone and remote control, but I didn’t think of that. Sorry :smiley: ).
  • Everything works just as intended, no problems at all with the standard cable.


  • If you are using a 4-pole cable on your headphones and you want your music app to start AND stop music playback on plugging and unplugging the headphones, do this SLOWLY :slight_smile:
  • It is not Poweramp’s fault! (@paulakreuzer :stuck_out_tongue: ) … and probably not Fairphone’s either.

CC: @xaxa

Thanks everyone for your help!