FP2: Problem with headphones and automatic audio playback [Solved]

Wow. That was easy. This might be a great information for those experiencing the same problem:

What I did:

  • I disabled the ‘Start Playback on plugging headphone in’ function.
  • I left the ‘Pause on removing headphones’ enabled

What happens:

  • Poweramp stops playback once I pull the headphones just as it’s supposed to.

What I found out/my explanation:

  • When pulling the headphones out, the electrical contact is lost.
  • Once it’s about half way out, contact is established again for about a mm which causes Poweramp with the ‘Start Playback on plugging headphone in’ function to start the playback again.
  • BUT: When you pull the headphones in a normal speed, the contact is lost before the ‘Stop playback on removing headphones’ action can be triggered.
    *The problem does not persist if I remove the headphones SLOWLY.


  • The described problem also appears when plugging the headphones in.
  • When doing it FAST, playback will start through the phone’s loudspeakers while SLOW movement will let the process work as intended.

And finally:

  • I changed my headphone’s 4-pole headset cable for a 3-pole standard audio jack cable (yes, I probably should have mentioned I was using a headset cable with microphone and remote control, but I didn’t think of that. Sorry :smiley: ).
  • Everything works just as intended, no problems at all with the standard cable.


  • If you are using a 4-pole cable on your headphones and you want your music app to start AND stop music playback on plugging and unplugging the headphones, do this SLOWLY :slight_smile:
  • It is not Poweramp’s fault! (@paulakreuzer :stuck_out_tongue: ) … and probably not Fairphone’s either.

CC: @xaxa

Thanks everyone for your help!