Most phone stop playing music when you unplug your headset

The Fairphone 2 actually starts to play music when I pull out the headset. Even if I’ve just switched off the music before, even if I swiped away the music app (I use Google Music), sometimes, not always the FP2 will start playing my (heavy metal) music from the speaker. This has already caused me to a couple of moments of embarrassment :wink: Does anyone else have this issue?

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My Fairphone 2 actually stops the music when the headphones are pulled out.

Edit: I have tried this with Youtube, Soundcloud, Google Play Music and VLC. Only the Soundcloud app seems to have this bug. This is very seldom triggered though.

Happened to me too. Stopped the music (using VLC player) while having headset plugged in, swiped the player away and unplugged the headset. Result: my music started playing again. Did not happen in embarrassing situations so far but still… :wink: And it’s random - sometimes it happens, sometimes not.

See the post linked below for an explanation of why there’s different behaviour depending on your setup, as well as some tricks that can help avoid the problem (the problem in the opening post is nearly identical to yours):


Hi, @Johannes thanks for this link. I am now having this problem with my Fairphone - it started a couple of days ago. I already can only hear out of one of the headphones (and I’ve tested my headphones in other decives and they work fine), so I am assuming this is a continued worsening of the problem with my headphone jack.

I contacted Fairphone several weeks ago to request a replacement headphone jack and haven’t heard anything back. Any suggestions what I can do other than just give up and buy a new phone? :frowning:

Did you try your headphone with some other device like TV, MP3-player aso. ?


Hi @Spielmops, yup, they work fine with all other devices, that’s how I know it’s my Fairphone jack that’s the problem :frowning:

by call? If not: call them.