FP2 Screen can't be reactivated during/after calls - See first post for Workarounds

Does it make a difference if you clean the proximity sensor before you call someone?

no, i don’t think so. Sometimes it works as it should. I did the thumb test during a call, when it worked and the Sensor did his job, even with greasy fingers. About every second call, weather it is incoming during lock screen or while i use the phone, there appears this problem. When its an incoming call the screen turns black as i accept it and only turns back in when the other Person ends the call. When i call someon it sometimes turns black correctly when it comes near to my ear but only turns back on when the other Person ends the call.

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my Fairphone shows the same behavior. During nearly all calls the screen stays black and it is not possible to end the call. Till now I made some Mailboxmessages by accident because of this problem. The Proximity sensor of my phone isn’t too dirty or covered by something.
So I think even if the cause is a thin layer of dirt: It is a bug and we should ad it to the list of known bugs. @paulakreuzer: Could you please add it?

P.S. Thanks @AndreasLieser for your advise!


I’m not convinced it’s a bug yet:
Only 7 people posted here that they had the problem at least once, for some it seems to have been a singular incident and/or gone after a reboot or cleaning the proximity sensor. There is no way (described yet) to reproduce this issue on most FP2s.

But it would be interesting what you hear back from support.

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Hi, Olivier’s here, from Paris.
I have the same problem here. Screen goes black and I can’t hang up, I have to wait my correspondant does it.



Same here. Cannot end call on my own, when mailbox answers I can only remove the battery.

Cheers from Vienna,

I also have the same issue with calls:
I need to wait for the person to hang up, as I cannot see what’s happening.

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Yep, exactly the same issue as described by others - only way I can hang up is by removing the battery!

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Ok then I guess I’m convinced now. :slightly_smiling:


I know the problem also. I´m not sure that it was everytime, and hadn´t yet the problem that my calling partner hadn´t hanged up the call, but yes, the screen is staying dark untill the call is off.

Hi, I had the same problem, It appeared that it was linked to my new screen protector which was problably blocking the proximity sensor…
I hope it help some of you.

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I cannot reproduce the problem. Often have phone calls on speaker instead of phone next to my head.
I wonder if some sensors could have issues.

In any case, as a workaround it is possible to set the power button to close calls:



I have the same problem. After removing a protective foil I put on to protect the screen, it got better, but did not disappear. After rebooting it is usually OK for some time and then I have to reboot again. Please fix this!

Best regards,


Hi freibadschwimmer,

Powerbutton is a solution but sometimes I would need to reactivate the screen during a call and that is not possible anymore.

Sometimes the light stays on during the call but then when looking at the screen it seems my ear has browsed through several menus. Something is not 100% there.

Cheers from Vienna,

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I’d like to report the same two issues as georgmayer.
I just cleaned the screen to perfection & set up the “off-button-ends-call” fallback and look forward to seeing how this works out. Still, a more general solution would be highly appreciated.

On the up side: some of my friends and colleagues have reportedly received the most hilarious voicemail messages of their entire lives thanks to me, first swearing, then explaining my situation on voicemail, then spending 2 minutes removing the battery… :wink:

Best wishes, Seb


same issue here, cleaning the screen didn’t help at all. when I first got the phone it worked as it should but a few days ago the problem first occurred and it hasn’t worked ever since.
this is very annoying because if I want to call any number where I need to enter some numbers to get to the right place I just can’t.
Please fix it soon.

Hey everyone,

I just encountered this bug during a Skype call. I was not able to use the screen during the call and I was not able to end the call. The screen stayed completely dark!

Has anyone made the same experience and can confirm this?

Same problem here.

I asserted that the proximity sensor works after a reboot. But after the first detection of an approximation it doesn’t work untill the next reboot.

Same problem too, the screen is black as soon as I make a call, and I have to wait the other caller to hang up the call or to reboot the FP (when I’m on a voice mailbox for example).

I have this problem since 1 week, everything has been working fine for 3 weeks and it started occurring one week ago… I have done no change that could explain this problem (I was keeping the original screen foil which came with the FP, and as it went dirty I changed it today by a new one, my phone is perfectly clean now).

Where exactly is the proximity sensor on the FP?

I also have this problem: in calls screen turns black and can’t hang up call. Destroys phone’s usability. I’ve left over ten super annoying voice mail messages of maximum length :smiley:

Notably, as others have said, when the call goes to someone’s voice mail, and only when I call someone, not when they call me. I think this is critical information. That seems software related to me. I also got the screen back a few times by covering and uncovering the proximity sensor several times quickly. Only sometimes though, and took a lot of effort.

I tested proximity sensor with an app, seems to work fine (although only detects 1 or 0, nothing in between). Light sensor works fine (although bit over sensitive). Clean screen and no protector.

Will enable the power button hangs up call thing as a workaround.

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