Too unpredictable to be a business phone

Fairphone OS is almost pure Android.

Spontaneously the only difference that comes to my mind is the edge swipe, plus that it ships with the “my apps” widget and the privacy impact app (I think they’re all part of the Fairphone launcher). I think besides that it’s pretty much plain Android.


I don’t know if you sync your contacts with a server, but it may be so (depending on the software/app you use) that you have set the sync behavior to server first, so it would always prioritize the server contacts when you make changes on the phone (thus revoke the changes on the phone).

I am clear how Contacts work on my iPhone, for instance. I am simply not sure how the FP2 Contacts app interfaces with Google Contacts, my home repository in the cloud.

If you use the default/pre-installed contacts app, then it is Google’s contacts app.
You will find additional settings in
All apps - settings - accounts, in your Google account. I think google also allows many settings and configurations in its online dashboard of the Google account, but I’m not familiar with that as i don’t use Google.

Thanks, everyone. Finally found My Apps. At end and not in alphabetical order. Still having problems in keeping the screen “on” when making calls and unable to end short calls without taking the battery out. That must be wrong, surely?

Yes, that seems to be a bug affecting some phones.
Hopefully an update will fix that soon, in the meantime there are some workarounds to temporarily fix it. See here:

or here:

Hi, I had the same problem with my screen “off” today and several times before. Today, I tried out the “remove screen” tutorial and I found out that my screen was not inserted 100% before. That means, there was a very little overlap of less than 1 mm between the top of the screen and the top of the rest of the fairphone. I assume that this was not only the reason for several “black screens” and restarts etc., but also for a very thight cover. Since I “replaced” the screen (I took it off and placed the same screen again), the screen is on ant the cover was easier to place (less tight) and I hope that some more troubles disappear.
I can only agree that I had many of your issues, too, and I was also in doubt wether this is usable for business purpose. But with some efforts (some hours), I found all those solutions mentionnend above, I lost my homescreen and my apps and it took me a while until I found it, my screen was full of scratches until I removed the protection film and my screen was black as mentionned. I went through the same troubles as you did and afterwards, I think it was all easy to solve. So this is to say that I do believe in FP2 and in FP2 as business phone! :slight_smile::+1::+1::v::raised_hand::heart::blue_heart:


… and I lost my contacts until I clicked the check button for saving every time :slight_smile:


I can’t find that save check buttton :frowning: but thanks, Marie, for the solidarity!

Ah, it’s the edge swipe that deletes My Apps.

I have reverted back to my iPhone 5S until I solve some of these remaining problems.

Here is it:


How can the edge swipe delete a widget? Can you please explain what you mean by that?

I keep losing My Apps from the home screen. I am trying to track what I do when it disappears. It seems to coincide with an edge swipe.

If you swipe up at the homescreen which has the widget ‘My Apps’ then it is possible to remove the widget ‘My Apps’.

Okay, let’s make sure we use the same terminology.

This is what I mean when I say …

  • Launcher: The launcher is an app that displays the start and “home” screen of my Fairphone. That’s the first thing I see after booting and unlocking my phone. The launcher may have one to seven screens which I can navigate by swiping left or right. One of those screens contains the My Apps widget (unless it was removed). The launcher also has an app drawer.

  • APP drawer: Part of the launcher which lists all my apps (first the active ones and below the inactive ones, each in alphabetical order). It can be accessed in several ways:

    • Edge swipe to the symbol with the dots.
    • Long pressing on the background of the start screen and then selecting the symbol with the dots after it appears.
    • Pressing the all apps button with the dots in they My Apps widget (unless it was removed).
    • Placing the all apps symbol with the dots as a widget on one home screen and pressing it.
  • Left (or right) swipe: I put my finger somewhere on my screen and move it towards the left (right respectively) side of the screen. This I use when switching between the different screens of my launcher.

  • Edge swipe: I place my finger on the border of my Fairphone (just outside the screen), keep my finger on the screen and move my finger inwards. This only works when I am in my launcher.

  • Widget: Small apps that can be placed on my home screen by long pressing on the background of the home screen and selecting Widgets. Widgets from the list can be placed on home screens by pressing on them, holding, and moving them to the desired spot on the home screen.

  • Removing widgets: Widgets can be removed from a home screen by long pressing on them until a Remove icon appears at the top of the screen and then moving the widget over that trash icon while keeping the finger on the screen.

Considering my definitions, I can see two ways that you removed your widget:

  1. Accidentally removing the My Apps widget as described in Removing widgets.
  2. Swiping left or right to a different screen of the launcher as described in Left (or right) swipe.

Can you determine what is the case with my definitions?


It must have been Removing Widgets. Thank you for clarifying the terminology.

I also had trouble making the native text and voicemail apps work. I installed third party apps but they are not totally satisfactory.

Can anyone advise on how to configure/use these apps?

Did my description also help you get the widget back?

What are you trying to achieve?
How did you try to achieve it?
What happened instead?

[btw: This should probably be a different thread]

I can’t get the complete desktop back. Perhaps the latest update will help.

I wanted to use my FP2 for text/SMS and voicemail. Neither app would work. The text app couldn’t send or receive texts. The voicemail app called the voicemail box but cut out immediately it connected.

I downloaded third party apps but these all have one shortcoming or another. I have no reliable text or voicemail.

I also have a long list of minor faults which I will tackle by looking for relevant posts in the Forum. Other people must have also suffered!!!

On FP1 you can enable a setting to end phone calls with the power button. I guess FP2 has the same functionality.

On FP1 it’s under Settings > Accessibility > Power button ends call