Microphone not working anymore

hi, Just want to say also have the same complaint…people I call with complain that they cannot hear me. I don’t make many calls so haven’t done anything about it yet. Not looking forward to having to take phone apart or reset, etc, etc, possibly without results (as am not technically minded). Is there a shop I can take it to for support? I live in Amsterdam.

Also as not everyone I call with complains, it may be like other posts in this thread, that the problem comes and goes, or changes with each new update of the phone’s software…



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The support contacted me and they will sent a replacement bottom module when it is back in stock again.
Repacing the bottom module is very, very simple and they send a manual in the support email.

Hopes this helps, I am currently waiting for the replacement module.

Best regards Pieter


Same for me. The mic stopped working this afternoon. No special event that I can think of.
Those past weeks, people have complained they could not hear me well. Might be related.
Will send a message to support.

edit: audio is correctly recorded when recording a video on the phone
edit2: things are working OK this morning. unsure what to make of this.

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Videos use a different microphone than the one used for normal calls. It actually uses the same one as is used for conference calls, so that will probably still work if you need to make a call. In some cases removing and putting the bottom module back in the phone gets things going again, in other cases the bottom module will need to be replaced. The latter is something that Fairphone Support will get back to you about.


Hi, i posted a thred here in the beginning of the summer about the same problem. Since then I have done everything i could find in the forum, but still i cannot talk in my fp2. The mic module looks clean. I can only use the load speaker mic and with some headsets. But it is also problematic because the screen goes black when i make calls or get them. What to do?


If your microphone doesn’t work even after you tried several workarounds, you may have a hardware defect, so open ticket and get it replaced under warranty.

This is a different issue; with the latest software version you can recalibrate the proximity sensor to fix this issue.


Having read earlier posts & having similar problem - microphone does not work on conventional calls, I contacted my supplier - PhoneCoop in the UK.

At their suggestion I performed several tests but still the problem persists.

I have found an effective workaround - to either use the phone on speakerphone, when the microphone does work or to use it via a Blue Tooth headset when calls can be made without the microphone.

Until the last few weeks I have had very low use of the telephone facility but it was working perfectly but seems not to be working properly since the ltest one or two software updates of which there seem to have been several in the last few weeks.

I hope Fairphone are liaising with Phonecoop and that a software update remedy is initiated within a few hours.

This is very irritating and inconvenient and seems a basic error which should not have occurred as the microphone itself works ok but just not when being used in conventional telephone calls.

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There are two microphones in most smartphones (incl. the FP2), one for phone calls on the bottom, and one noise-cancelling microphone for videos on the top. I am not sure though which one is used when you put your call on the speaker, but I do believe it is the noise-cancelling microphone on top, which would explain why this works, regular phone calls not.

Consequently I could imagine that you still might have a hardware problem, where a software update won’t do it.

Thanks for that information, I shall see what Phonecoop have to say - I have emailed them already.

Maybe even the Fairphone Folk will respond.

Had the same problem.
Contacted the support, weeks later I got a new bottom module, repaired it. It worked for for 2 weeks, then the person I talked to asked me if I was on a plane, because there were so much noise in the background, one week later the person could not hear me at all.
Now I really don´t know what to to. If i get a new bottom module again, perhaps it gets broken again? Sucks.

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I am sorry to hear that Annique, I have no advice, other than if you are still within the warranty period to ask the person who sold the Fairphone to you to arrange for it to be repaired, replaced or to have a refund as it does not seem as if is fit for the purpose it was sold

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Exactly the same here…

I’m having the same problem at the moment…

Same problem here! Microphone does not work during phone calls (except if on speakerphone) or to record whatsapp or Facebook vocal messages.

Same problem for me and my sister FP2.
Does not work during phone calls (except if on speakerphone).
Cannot recorded what’sapp audio also


I had the same problem with the microphone (people could only hear me when I talked with the speaker on). As an additional problem, I barely could charge my phone anymore. I tried ten different charges and only rarely I was able to charge the phone.

Since I suspected problems with the bottom module, I ordered a new bottom module myself (because of the warranty procedure taking too much time) and replaced the old one. Everything works now as before!

I will now ask if Fairphone can refund the module under warranty.

Replacing the bottom module was very easy by the way.

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I have the same problem, contacted support so now I’m waiting…


I think I have the solution for some of you : Try to clean the small hole on the top right of the phone (opposite site to the headset socket), blowing, using small needle, toothbrush … it’s not easy.

Then it worked back again for me.

Tips come from one of my colleague who add the same issue on it’s phone (not a fair phone) : according to him this hole on the top is a secondary atmosphere’s micro, to correct the sound recorded from the bottom micro. It can disturb the final voice if not working properly. And dust does not help…

Good luck,



hummm now it’s not working any more …

I received a reply from Fairphone support. They are going to refund the bottom module I ordered and replaced myself. Because of the many times I had to open the phone, my back cover was broken too. They gonna sent me a new one.

After several weeks, everything is still working fine with the replaced module.

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