✏ Known reproducible and reported issues of the Fairphone 5


:warning: This topic should not be seen as a list of reasons for not buying the Fairphone 5. Fairphone is a professional company that does its best to produce quality hardware and software. This topic maintains a list of known reproducible and reported issues of the fp5 so that we as a community can keep each other informed about workarounds and communication with Fairphone support. As a result we may also lower the workload of the Fairphone support staff. This will free up their resources and may allow them to focus more on improving their products.

How to contribute to the community issue tracker?

With that out of the way, add an issue to this wiki when you completed the following steps:

  1. Look for similar topics, maybe the issue was already reported, but not yet added to this list.
  2. Create a new topic in Fairphone 5 and add the tag issue (this will help categorize and find issues), in the created topic, confirm with the community that you can reproduce the issue.
  3. contactsupport and share the URL to the created forum topic and report back their response. Also encourage others to report the issue if they experience it too. Fairphone support evaluates priorities based on the number of incoming tickets.

Once the issue is resolved, don’t forget to mark the topic as solved. To find all open issues, enter the following query in the search bar: tags:issue status:unsolved #help:fairphone5.

Note: the discussion about this topic is here.

Ordering of the issues based on impact

The issues are ordered based on their impact. The categorization of these are the same as on the Fairphone support page. However, the ordering may be relative and of course depends on how you use the phone. If you have an active night life, then low light camera issues might affect you more than others. We as a community have to find the middle ground. So we have to balance the impact based on how people use their phones in general and order it accordingly.

Icon Markdown Description
:red_circle: :red_circle: High impact - I cannot use the phone at all
:orange_circle: :orange_circle: Medium impact - I can only partially use the phone
:green_circle: :green_circle: Low impact - I can use the phone

Status of the issues

To quickly skim through what the status is of an issue, we will use the following icons, of which multiple may be used.

Icon Markdown Description
:o: :o: Not reproducible
:repeat: :repeat: Reproducible
:ballot_box_with_check: :ballot_box_with_check: Workaround
:white_check_mark: :white_check_mark: Solved
:no_entry_sign: :no_entry_sign: Won’t solve

List of known reproducible and reported issues

The issues are ordered based on their impact from high to low, but in no particular order within the categorization. Please note that Fairphone support evaluates priorities based on the number of incoming tickets, so if you encounter a similar issue, please do contactsupport.