FP5 : Strange Color change one youtube HDR videos

Hi everyone,

I have a strange behavior with my FP5 when watching some youtube videos (using the app).

The screen color temperature suddenly changes, everything becomes reddish, not only the video, the whole screen.

I think this is linked to HDR videos only, and it also happens on some shorts.

Here is one of the incriminated videos : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=97F9ZYtfMiM

Does anyone else has that ?

I cross checked on other phone brands and models, and cannot reproduce.

Thanks for your feedback !

(French speaker, sorry for the poor English ^^)

Hello @Ybb

I cannot reproduce the issue with the video you sent, but I have occasionally some issues with some youtube shorts being too red while having night light on.

Do you happen to have it toggled on? Do you have a blue light filter screen protector?


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I have the same problem as you. Except I cannot reproduce it with the video you sent. I tried all resolutions from 720p and up - looks perfect.

But when I record a video in the TikTok app, both the video preview and the final video gets the clear red tint. It is not yellow as night light and it is baked into the video. The app can also take pictures, but the picture is perfect in picture mode. It is only when I switch to video it will do it.

I can work around it by recording in others apps, but it takes longer time than just recording in the app itself.

It is not present in the default video app, nor OpenCamera nor ProShot. I have tried to reproduce it in other apps by changing everything from video qualilty to framerate and resolution. I cannot.

Below I just took 2 screenshots and the difference is very clear.

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Yes, I have it on! No physical filter.

Here is a short clip of the behavior : fp5_youtube_reddish.mp4 - Google Drive

I cannot reproduce it with night light mode off.


I relayed this to our product team, thank you for the feedback :slight_smile:


Thanks to you for your help, have a great day