FP5 double tap to wake not always working

I’m also trying to find a way to reproduce this issue. I do know a workaround. When battery safer is on the double tap seems to work reliable. But have to test it a bit more.

For me double tap for screen wake-up works perfectly fine with AoD off and does not work at all when AoD is on.
No surprise then that it works with battery saver on as the activated battery saver deactivates AoD.

I also had issues with the AOD off, not sure yet what the best reproducible and workaround method is.

Are you all using a screen protector or not? I do and double tap isnt working well for me either…

I do have a screen protector, the official blue light filter one from FP. But I think it’s a software issue. With AOD off it stops working after some time. With AOD on it most of the time doesn’t work. Then with battery safer on for some brief moments I can double tap. But it probably is also able temporary fix. Haven’t had battery safer on for long periods of time.

In my case no screen protector and as mentioned FP5 : Feedback/questions after 2 days of use - #12

I have the feeling it does not work when the phone is lying flat on the table while it works a lot better when holding it in the hand. I will open a topic for this issue, to gather more information.

On my phone also double tap doesn’t work at all. Neither with the phone on the table neither with the phone in a vertical position.

Can you be more precise about the AoD configuration that could change things? I’d like to try it…

I’m a FP5 beta tester and could fill in a bug description for this.


for me DoubleTab2Wake work in 99%

  • i not use AoD
  • i have Screen Protector (official BlueLightFilter version)

BTW: when i enable for test AoD then DT2W work sometime,
with AoD:On + BatterySaver:On = AoD disabled by saver, then DT2W works as normal

I made some tests, in my case it work according to the configuration of

Setting → Display → Always show time and info

When it’s set to “ON” double tap doesn’t work, when it’s set to “OFF” it works.


Same here, Max. I’ve turned AoD off pending fix of the related battery drain.

An always on display doesn’t need to be woken, so it’s no surprise, that it doesn’t work in this configuration. Or ist there something I don’t get?

in AoD it only shows time and icons of the alerts. When you wake the screen you see a bit more information (can read the first words of the text messages and see who they’re from, for instance)

But that happens with a single tap on the message. A double tap ain’t necessary.

Tap to wake not working with AoD is probably a different bug: it doesn’t work at all, as if the AoD screen was completely overriding the logic.

What I reported is unreliable but working double tap when AoD is not enabled. It might wake after two taps, or I might have to tap 30 times. It works, but not exactly the way it should.

No, the screen is totally unresponsive. I am currently on AoD to test this - I see the time, date, and a ‘gmail’ icon that I have new mail. I can tap the screen all I want, nothing happens.

@clarity I haven’t seen any problem with double tap when AoD is not enabled, sorry, cannot confirm…

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So tapping doesn’t work at all? But what’s the deal with ‘double tap’?

There’s a display setting that double tap should wake the screen (so you don’t have to use the power button). For @clarity this doesn’t seem to work reliably, for me it does.

AoD (Always On Display - in the phone it’s called ‘Always show time and info’) on the other hand is the setting that even when the phone is in sleep mode, you see time, date and some icons (shouldn’t drain too much battery because OLED but seems to drain quite a lot => logged as bug). I don’t see why double tapping shouldn’t wake that screen as well, but it sure doesn’t.

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To mix things even more, I can say that I don’t see any battery drain while using “Always show time and info”.


  1. I’ve been using FP5 only for three days now;
  2. I come from an FP3+ so to be more precise I should say that my FP5 doesn’t drain battery more than my three years old FP3+.


Could you post battery usage stats in the FP5 battery life thread, just so people have a reference?