FP5 doesnt seem to turn OLED pixels off when displaying a black image/video

Is anyone else having an issue where your FP5 seems to not turn off pixels when needed, I first noticed this on YouTube at night where the letterboxing was a dark, dark gray. Scouling my eyes and turning up the brightness made it extremely noticeable, i was clearly seeing the hole punch camera and edge of the screen, I’ve tried different sources of black screens, from OLED style wallpapers to a YouTube 48h video of just a OLED black screen, and it still shows as a grayish, uneven colour. Even the AOD lights up the screen a little
This was with default, stock display settings, not colour corrections are being used and the screen mode set to “standered”. Could it be I have a faulty display?

Here’s the 48h black screen video I used in case you want to test it for yourselves, the OLED pixels never turned off on any brightness: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1SLr62VBBjw&t=15


I’ve just tried it on mine, and for me the pixels turn off.
The only thing that I could think about, that would even cause this, would be the reading mode. But if your settings are actually still default, something weird is happening here.


When I take a screenshot of that video and analyze the color, it isn’t actually black (#000000) but very dark gray (#010001)


I made a pure black image with an rgb value of 000, 000, 000 and still get this happening.


Its like there’s a hazy filter constantly over the screen, I’ve had a look on other forums, talking about trying different visual enhancements, but got nothing.

I would just try toggling the reading mode on and off. It does exactly what you are talking about. Maybe there is a visual bug, where it shows as disabled, but is enabled internally.


unfortunately not reading mode, im starting to think this is a purely hardware issue, ill try to attach a video to give visual aid

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Couldn’t do a video, but is an image
, this is an honest to god black image with 000,000,000 RGB values:


Can you also try with the always on display feature enabled? And then of course turn off the screen.

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I turned off “Always show time and info” so that the screen is turned fully off when phone is locked down or times out.

The screen is set to time out after 15 s of inactivity, and can be woken using proximity sensor. Automatic lockdown (security, not the same as timeout) is after five minutes, so the screen can be turned off by waiting for 15 s and turned on again to display what it was displaying when it timed out, simply by activating the proximity sensor.

I prepared a jpg image 1224x2700 of 000 (51.4 kB).

I opened this image from the Files app to display it full screen, and tapped the screen once so as to hide the tools and display just the image. The screen appeared to be completely black.

I took the device into the darkest space available (some light filtering in but not much)*, waited for the screen to turn off, waited some more, activated the proximity sensor, waited again. I saw absolutely no change to the display which remained black.
[Edit: after turning Adaptive brightness OFF, and manually turning the brightness up to maximum, there is a short period when the “image” is shown as grey, before the pixels get turned off.]

When using AOD the result is the same, except that the digital clock etc. is displayed. The rest of the screen remains indistinguishably black as compared with the black image.

However, when I set this image as wallpaper, it is displayed as dark grey and not absolute black.

My conclusions:

  • The screen and software are capable of displaying a black pixel by turning it off.
  • Black pixels are turned off only in certain conditions, such as displaying an image full screen, or with AOD.

P.S. - I am using DC dimming, this might possibly have an effect on the turning off of black pixels?

* - I later made the experiment in a room with no light at all. I could not see anything.

Do you have visual enhancement completely turned off? I’m a bit uncertain what this does (when it kicks in) but that also might have something to do with it.

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Yes, all the VE options are off, and Colour mode & temperature = Standard.

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So your AoD shows complete black but do you also have the battery drain with AoD turned on? If yes, your conclusion should be that the battery drain comes from the AoD “app” and not from a dark grey AoD?

I have a battery drain problem but without AOD. In fact I’ve hardly been using AOD at all, having read that it contributed to battery drain. I’m now running some tests to see whether the drain is increased when using AOD. If not, then my conclusion would be that (my) drain problem is coming from elsewhere.

Just to give an idea, at night in Aeroplane mode with no connectivity at all, the charge level decreases by about 2% / h. In “normal” usage, using 5G data, phone calls, the occasional hotspot, it’s 3% / h.

But this is off topic. I’ll either start a new one, or more probably contribute here:

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I realized that I had the same issue after reading your messages. I tried that 48h video in a black room and I could see a grey haze.

I managed to fix it by turning on and off reading mode (it was off by default, but doing that fixed it).

Have you managed to fix it already?

Unfortunely no. I think its genuinely just a hardware problem, and to be painfully honest, ive just learned to ignore it. I know, I should fuss up about this, but quite frankly I don’t see it as enough of an issue to get customer support to send a replacement display. Glad you found a solution though.

I can reproduce this too with the image below. On my Pixel 3 the image is total black. On my FP5 the image is gray. The notification bar remains with a gray tint (due to Google Photos) and there is backlight bleeding at the edges of the screen and in general remains gray.

With AoD it is also not off, the display still uses the backlight?! This explains the battery drain as well.

I think it’s a software issue, at least I hope so. I’ll report it to FP support.


Where can I find this setting? And how do you know it’s enabled if the setting is not listed?

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You cant yet


With DC Dimming enabled the screen is not having visible black light bleeding anymore. Did anyone already get a response from FP support about this?